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......@@ -231,11 +231,11 @@ This makes use of [`Intl.DateTimeFormat`].
- In Ruby/HAML, we have two ways of adding format to dates and times:
1. **Through the `l` helper**, i.e. `l(active_session.created_at, format: :short)`. We have some predefined formats for
[dates]( and [times](
[dates]( and [times](
If you need to add a new format, because other parts of the code could benefit from it,
you'll need to add it to [en.yml]( file.
2. **Through `strftime`**, i.e. `milestone.start_date.strftime('%b %-d')`. We use `strftime` in case none of the formats
defined on [en.yml]( matches the date/time
1. **Through `strftime`**, i.e. `milestone.start_date.strftime('%b %-d')`. We use `strftime` in case none of the formats
defined on [en.yml]( matches the date/time
specifications we need, and if there is no need to add it as a new format because is very particular (i.e. it's only used in a single view).
## Best practices
......@@ -51,4 +51,4 @@ able to proofread and instructions on becoming a proofreader yourself.
Translations are typically included in the next major or minor release.
See [Merging translations from Crowdin](
See [Merging translations from Crowdin](
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Crowdin automatically syncs the `gitlab.pot` file presenting newly
added translations to the community of translators.
At the same time, it creates a merge request to merge all newly added
& approved translations. Find the [merge reqeust created by
& approved translations. Find the [merge request created by
to see new and merged merge requests. They are created in EE and need
to be ported to CE manually.
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