Commit 7083b355 authored by Lin Jen-Shin's avatar Lin Jen-Shin

Follow Rubocop for scripts/prune-old-flaky-specs

parent 1e2b6cf5
...@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@ ...@@ -5,8 +5,9 @@
# gem manually on the CI # gem manually on the CI
require 'rubygems' require 'rubygems'
singleton_class.__send__(:alias_method, :require_dependency, :require) # In newer Ruby, alias_method is not private then we don't need __send__
$LOAD_PATH.unshift(File.expand_path('../lib', __dir__)) singleton_class.__send__(:alias_method, :require_dependency, :require) # rubocop:disable GitlabSecurity/PublicSend
$:.unshift(File.expand_path('../lib', __dir__))
require 'rspec_flaky/report' require 'rspec_flaky/report'
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