1. 13 Nov, 2018 1 commit
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      Enable even more frozen string in lib/gitlab · ebf98f27
      gfyoung authored
      Enables frozen string for the following:
      * lib/gitlab/fogbugz_import/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/gfm/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/git/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/gitaly_client/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/gitlab_import/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/google_code_import/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/gpg/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/grape_logging/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/graphql/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/graphs/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/hashed_storage/**/*.rb
      * lib/gitlab/health_checks/**/*.rb
      Partially address gitlab-org/gitlab-ce#47424.
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      repository: index submodules by path · b30c16aa
      David Turner authored
      Submodules have a name in the configuration, but this name is simply
      the path at which the submodule was initially checked in (by default
      -- the name is totally arbitrary).  If a submodule is moved, it
      retains its original name, but its path changes.  Since we discover
      submodules inside trees, we have their path but not necessarily their
      Make the submodules() function return the submodule hash indexed by
      path rather than name, so that renamed submodules can be looked up.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Turner <[email protected]>