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## Configuration documentation for source and Omnibus installations
GitLab currently officially supports two installation methods: installations
from source and Omnibus packages installations.
Whenever there is a setting that is configurable for both installation methods,
prefer to document it in the CE docs to avoid duplication.
Configuration settings include:
- settings that touch configuration files in `config/`
- NGINX settings and settings in `lib/support/` in general
When there is a list of steps to perform, usually that entails editing the
configuration file and reconfiguring/restarting GitLab. In such case, follow
the style below as a guide:
**For Omnibus installations**
1. Edit `/etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb`:
external_url ""
1. Save the file and [reconfigure] GitLab for the changes to take effect.
**For installations from source**
1. Edit `config/gitlab.yml`:
host: ""
1. Save the file and [restart] GitLab for the changes to take effect.
[reconfigure]: path/to/administration/
[restart]: path/to/administration/
In this case:
- before each step list the installation method is declared in bold
- three dashes (`---`) are used to create an horizontal line and separate the
two methods
- the code blocks are indented one or more spaces under the list item to render
- different highlighting languages are used for each config in the code block
- the [references](#references) guide is used for reconfigure/restart
## API
Here is a list of must-have items. Use them in the exact order that appears
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