Test all values for `enabled_git_access_protocol`

parent 532f8cbd
...@@ -576,15 +576,20 @@ describe User, models: true do ...@@ -576,15 +576,20 @@ describe User, models: true do
end end
end end
context 'when current_application_settings.enabled_git_access_protocol does not contain SSH' do describe '#require_ssh_key?' do
before do protocol_and_expectation = {
stub_application_setting(enabled_git_access_protocol: 'HTTP') 'http' => false,
end 'ssh' => true,
'' => true,
it "doesn't require user to have SSH key" do }
user = build(:user)
protocol_and_expectation.each do |protocol, expected|
expect(user.require_ssh_key?).to be_falsey it "has correct require_ssh_key?" do
stub_application_setting(enabled_git_access_protocol: protocol)
user = build(:user)
expect(user.require_ssh_key?).to eq(expected)
end end
end end
end end
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