Commit a1556200 authored by Annabel Dunstone Gray's avatar Annabel Dunstone Gray 🤰🏼

Merge branch '25098-header-margins-on-pipeline-settings' into 'master'

Fixed row margins on Pipeline Settings page in order to unify styles

On the ```project-name/pipelines/settings``` page, I removed the ```.row``` styling on ```.build-status``` and ```.coverage-report``` as it was causing those rows to not have the same margins as the "CI/CD Pipeline" row.

Now, they are even as you can see below:



Closes #25098 
cc: @filipa

See merge request !7881
parents 90c0f610 6bfe683d
.row{ class: badge.title.gsub(' ', '-') }
%div{ class: badge.title.gsub(' ', '-') }
= badge.title.capitalize
title: Adjusted margins for Build Status and Coverage Report rows to match those of
the CI/CD Pipeline row
author: Ryan Harris
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