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documentation for enabling or disabling OAuth sign in

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......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ of the configured mechanisms.
- [Supported Providers](#supported-providers)
- [Enable OmniAuth for an Existing User](#enable-omniauth-for-an-existing-user)
- [OmniAuth configuration sample when using Omnibus GitLab](
- [Enable or disable Sign In with an OmniAuth provider without disabling import sources](#enable-or-disable-sign-in-with-an-omniauth-provider-without-disabling-import-sources)
## Supported Providers
......@@ -191,3 +192,16 @@ experience [in the public Wiki](
While we can't officially support every possible authentication mechanism out there,
we'd like to at least help those with specific needs.
## Enable or disable Sign In with an OmniAuth provider without disabling import sources
This setting was introduced with version 8.8 of GitLab
Administrators are able to enable or disable Sign In via some OmniAuth providers.
By default Sign In is enabled via all the OAuth Providers that have been configured in config/gitlab.yml.
In order to enable/disable an OmniAuth provider go to Admin Area -> Settings-> Sign-in Restrictions section -> Enabled OAuth Sign-In sources and select the providers you want to enable or disable.
![Enabled OAuth Sign-In sources](img/enabled-oauth-sign-in-sources.png)
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