Commit c9533da4 authored by Nicholas Gracilla's avatar Nicholas Gracilla Committed by

Update from - Updated Forestry configuration

parent 05a69717
...@@ -2,33 +2,9 @@ ...@@ -2,33 +2,9 @@
label: c-text column label: c-text column
hide_body: false hide_body: false
fields: fields:
- type: list
name: aliases
label: aliases
- type: datetime
name: date
label: date
- type: text
name: slug
label: slug
- type: text
name: title
label: title
- type: boolean
name: url-features
label: url-features
- type: boolean
name: call_to_action
label: call_to_action
- type: text - type: text
name: headline name: headline
label: headline label: headline
- type: textarea - type: textarea
name: support_text name: support_text
label: support_text label: support_text
- type: text
name: link_label
label: link_label
- type: text
name: link_url
label: link_url
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