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toggle debug on error

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......@@ -22,3 +22,7 @@
- Definitely enjoyed the [[file:../][Literate config]] approach for my spacemacs config. It probably makes sense for config - stuff that is cobbled together over time from various sources. Was thinking about if it would be worth trying it with other code - i.e. [[file:../][Literate programming]]. It could be problematic on shared projects though, presumably - you'd be forcing everyone in to doing it that way, otherwise your literate file and the code would get out of sync.
- [[file:../][Adding timestamps to org-roam notes]].
- ~toggle-debug-on-error~ is very handy. Used it today a few times when fixing things broken in my config or elsewhere.
- Been trying to get [[file:../][org-roam-server]] to work. It's super slow on my graph. Also tried org-roam-server-light but it's just the same performance issue on the client-side. Also I can't seem to get it to filter out the Recent Changes page annoyingly, despite putting it in the exclude filters.
#+TITLE: My Spacemacs User Config
#+property: header-args:elisp :tangle ~/.spacemacs.d/user-config.el :comments org
#+LAST_MODIFIED: [2020-11-26 Thu 20:52]
#+LAST_MODIFIED: [2020-11-26 Thu 21:51]
* Preamble
......@@ -219,7 +219,7 @@ This updates the DB on save, rather than on an idle timer. I was finding idle t
*** Wikilink syntax for adding links
For inserting links to other wiki pages more quickly, essentially with wikilink syntax.
See: [[][Using fuzzy links AKA wikilinks in org-roam]].
See: [[][Using fuzzy links AKA wikilinks in org-roam]].
#+begin_src elisp
(require 'key-chord)
(key-chord-mode 1)
......@@ -232,6 +232,11 @@ See: [[][Using fuzzy links A
(backward-char 2))
*** Tags
#+begin_src elisp
(setq org-roam-tag-sources '(prop last-directory))
*** org-roam capture templates
Add CREATED and LAST_MODIFIED properties to the new note.
......@@ -284,13 +289,12 @@ Exclude some of the big files from the graph.
org-roam-server-light-style "body.darkmode { background-color: #121212!important; }"
;; set default set of excluded or included tags
;; customize only the value of id, in this case "test" and "journal"
org-roam-server-light-default-exclude-filters "[{ \"id\": \"journal\", \"id\" : \"Recent changes\", \"id\":\"recentchanges\" }]"
org-roam-server-light-default-exclude-filters "[{ \"tags\": \"journal\", \"id\" : \"Recent changes\", \"id\":\"recentchanges\" }]"
;; finally load the main elisp file
(load (expand-file-name "org-roam-server-light.el" org-roam-server-light-dir))
;; (setq org-roam-server-default-exclude-filters
;; (json-encode (list '((id ."test") (id . "foo")))))
(setq org-roam-server-default-exclude-filters "[{ \"tags\": \"journal\", \"id\" : \"Recent changes\", \"id\":\"recentchanges\" }]")
* Look'n'feel
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