1. 05 Oct, 2020 3 commits
  2. 04 Oct, 2020 12 commits
  3. 03 Oct, 2020 3 commits
    • Sergey Vlasov's avatar
      OLED driver fixes (#10377) · 459ccb68
      Sergey Vlasov authored
      * Fix dirtying in oled_write_pixel()
      Set the dirty bit for the block only if oled_write_pixel() actually
      changed the buffer state.  Without this check oled_write_pixel() could
      not be used inside the oled_task_user() code using the “redraw always”
      style, because the blocks touched by oled_write_pixel() would always
      appear dirty, and oled_render() would not proceed beyond the first such
      dirty block.
      * Fix oled_write_pixel() with 90/270 degree rotation
      Use oled_rotation_width instead of OLED_DISPLAY_WIDTH, so that a rotated
      display would be handled correctly.
      * Fix compilation with custom OLED_BLOCK_COUNT and OLED_BLOCK_SIZE
      Some OLED sizes (e.g., 64×48) may require a nonstandard value of
      OLED_BLOCK_COUNT.  The documentation says that this value may be
      redefined in config.h, but actually trying to redefine it caused a
      compile error, because the macro was redefined in oled_driver.c.
      Make the OLED_BLOCK_COUNT definition in oled_driver.c respect any
      user override, and do the same for OLED_BLOCK_SIZE just in case.
      * Fix handling of out-of-range bits in oled_dirty
      If a custom OLED_BLOCK_COUNT value is specified, some bits in oled_dirty
      may not correspond to existing blocks; however, if those bits are set
      somewhere (e.g., by code with sets oled_dirty to ~0 or even -1),
      oled_render() would try to handle them and could access memory beyond
      oled_buffer and perform hardware operations with out of range values.
      Prevent this by masking off unused bits in oled_render(), and also avoid
      setting those bits in other functions.
      * Fix potentially wrong dirtying in oled_write_char()
      oled_write_char() tried to mark the position just beyond the written
      character as dirty; use (OLED_FONT_WIDTH - 1) to dirty the last position
      still belonging to the character instead.
      * Fix `#define OLED_BLOCK_TYPE uint32_t` on AVR
      Using uint32_t as OLED_BLOCK_TYPE did not work properly on AVR, because
      some bit shifts were performed using 16-bit int.  Add explicit casts to
      OLED_BLOCK_TYPE to those shifts.
    • a_p_u_r_o's avatar
      IS31FL3741 driver fixup (#10519) · 1fe7743a
      a_p_u_r_o authored
      * Fix issue with data transfer of CS1_SW7 to CS18_SW7.
      * Fix issue with handling of scaling register buffer's dirty flag.
      * Remove unused extern declaration.
      * Compaction of struct is31_led utilizing bit fields.
    • Simon's avatar
      add info.json for XD75 keyboard (#10523) · a0467fda
      Simon authored
      Currently the XD75 is missing a info.json
      attributing to non standardised use of QMK
  4. 02 Oct, 2020 8 commits
    • George Mao's avatar
      Mark 'key_count' as optional within info.json docs (#10513) · 9e9b6042
      George Mao authored
      * Update reference_info_json.md
      key_count is now an optional field because it is better to get the keycount by counting the elements in the layout array.
      * Updated Japanese documentation as well
    • James Young's avatar
      Update info.json for Slice RGB (#10514) · eb4cf713
      James Young authored
      - add data for LAYOUT_all macro
      - correct some rounding errors
      - make the indentation consistent
      - remove trailing whitespace
    • Nick Abe's avatar
      Add Slice RGB VIA Support (#10407) · 9395a870
      Nick Abe authored
      Co-authored-by: default avatarErovia <Erovia@users.noreply.github.com>
    • Joe Strong's avatar
    • AlisGraveNil's avatar
      [Keyboard] FightPad! macropad by Clawsome (#10507) · 266ff333
      AlisGraveNil authored
      * 1 Oct 20
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/config.h
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/rules.mk
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/info.json
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/readme.md
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/readme.md
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/info.json
      * Update keyboards/clawsome/fightpad/config.h
    • Sturek's avatar
      [Keymap] VIA keymap for the Sofle (#10446) · c01eb551
      Sturek authored
      * Added via support
      * Now uses LTO_ENABLE
      * Deactivated console to save space
      * Update keyboards/sofle/keymaps/via/readme.md
      * Added GPL license
      * Update keyboards/sofle/keymaps/via/keymap.c
      * Update keyboards/sofle/keymaps/via/keymap.c
      * Update keyboards/sofle/keymaps/via/keymap.c
      * Update keyboards/sofle/keymaps/via/keymap.c
    • Nic Lake's avatar
      [Keymap] niclake keymap for Boardwalk (#10488) · 6e9b4a83
      Nic Lake authored
      * Initializing Boardwalk layout
      * rules.mk newline
      * config.h newline
      * qwerty num toggle -> tap-toggle
      * errant K, and _LOWER momentary toggles
      * Lack of autosave sucks
      * Converting to HHKB layout
      * TT(_NUM) added to num layer
      * Final updates for Boardwalk initialization
      * Final refinements
      * newline
      * Removal of extra includes
      * Update keyboards/boardwalk/keymaps/niclake/config.h
      #pragma once
      * Removing comment block from rules
      * Updates to my layout
    • Peter's avatar
      [keyboard] add BM60Poker support (#10475) · 1e5df711
      Peter authored
      * WIP working on new keymap
      * tweaking keymap
      * updated keymap
      * cleaned up a little bit
      * New preonic keymap
      * my preonic keymap
      * added mac layout
      * preonic map update
      * cleaning up old repo
      * cleaning up to match upstream
      * more cleanup
      * removing old keymaps
      * Added BM60 Poker
      * Apply suggestions from code review
      * Added license
      * updated license
      * updated license
      * Fixed remaining licenses and added layout to rules
  5. 01 Oct, 2020 14 commits