Commit d34b4e60 authored by Jack Doerner's avatar Jack Doerner

Fix for running Floram on a single thread.

parent f671a577
......@@ -315,7 +315,10 @@ void bitpropagator_offline_parallelizer(void* bp, bitpropagator_offline * bpo, v
#pragma omp single
#pragma omp task
fn2(bp, bpo, pd);
if (omp_get_num_threads() > 1) fn2(bp, bpo, pd);
else fn2(bp, bpo, NULL);
#pragma omp task
bitpropagator_offline_readblockvector(local_output, local_bit_output, bpo);
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ struct bitpropagator {
void bitpropagator_Z_pusher(bitpropagator * bp, bitpropagator_offline * bpo, ProtocolDesc* pd) {
if (pd != NULL) ocSetCurrentProto(pd);
bool advicebit_local_l, advicebit_local_r;
uint8_t * Z_local = malloc(BLOCKSIZE);
......@@ -171,11 +171,15 @@ void bitpropagator_getblockvector_with_callback(obliv uint8_t * activeblock_delt
bitpropagator_offline_start(bp->bpo, bp->toplevel_local);
#ifdef _OPENMP
//This is a hack to work around the fact that openmp and obliv-c are incompatible.
ProtocolDesc pd2;
splitProtocol(&pd2, ocCurrentProto());
bitpropagator_offline_parallelizer(bp, bp->bpo, &index, local_output, local_bit_output, &pd2, bitpropagator_traverselevels, bitpropagator_Z_pusher, cbfn, cbpass);
bitpropagator_offline_parallelizer(bp, bp->bpo, &index, local_output, local_bit_output, NULL, bitpropagator_traverselevels, bitpropagator_Z_pusher, cbfn, cbpass);
//write output
ocCopyN(&ocCopyChar, activeblock_delta, bp->activeblock_A, BLOCKSIZE*bp->blockmultiple);
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