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......@@ -22,13 +22,14 @@ Features
* Queue - based upon _[Circuit Structures for Improving Efficiency of Security and Privacy Tools](
* Circuit ORAM - based upon _[Circuit Oram: On Tightness of the Goldreich-Ostrovsky Lower Bound](; code contributed by Xiao Wang
* Linear Scan ORAM
* FSS Linear ORAM - based upon _Gigabyte-scale Scanning ORAMs for Secure Computation_ (forthcoming)
* Linear Scan
* Square Root ORAM - based upon _[Revisiting Square-Root ORAM: Efficient Random Access in Multi-Party Computation](; code contributed by Samee Zahur
* Stable Matching
* Gale-Shapley - based upon _[Secure Stable Matching at Scale](
* Roth-Peranson - based upon _[Secure Stable Matching at Scale](
* Symmetric Encryption
* AES128 - based upon _An ASIC Implementation of the AES SBoxes_ (Wolkenstorfer et al., 2002) and _[Faster Secure Two-Party Computation Using Garbled Circuits](
* AES128 - based upon _[A Small Depth-16 Circuit for the AES S-Box](
* ChaCha20 - based upon _[ChaCha, a Variant of Salsa20](
* Salsa20 - based upon _[The Salsa20 Family of Stream Ciphers](
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