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perspective-based certificate validation demo

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# Perspective-based certificate validation demo
I wrote a tiny demo of perspective-based certificate validation, using Tor to check a desired host's certificate from an additional vantage point:
Specifically, I added [this code] to Solderpunk's 100-line Gemini client written in Python, enabling it to validate self-signed certificates. It should be enough to spot most MITM attacks. See the README for details.
=> [this code]
Perspective-based validation complements TOFU nicely. We can keep relying on self-signed certs *and* have decent MITM protection without requiring capsule admins to do anything differently. It is fundamentally what CAs do, after all:
# nervuri - journal
=> 2022-01-17_gemini-archive.gmi 2021-01-17 - Gemini archive
=> 2022-02-17_tls-perspective-validation-demo.gmi 2022-02-17 - Perspective-based certificate validation demo
=> 2022-01-17_gemini-archive.gmi 2022-01-17 - Gemini archive
=> 2021-03-10_plain-text-steganography.gmi 2021-03-10 - Zero-width characters and tracking via pasted text
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