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    • Richard W.M. Jones's avatar
      podwrapper: Further steps to unify libnbd and nbdkit podwrapper · 507003f2
      Richard W.M. Jones authored
      We can make some small changes to podwrapper to unify the versions in
      libnbd and nbdkit (and maybe other projects in future).  This is not
      complete unification, but gets us closer.
    • Richard W.M. Jones's avatar
      html: Improve <title> · b1dd465e
      Richard W.M. Jones authored
      The HTML <title> element contained just the name of the manual page,
      eg <title>nbdkit</title>.  Google placed undue emphasis on this tag
      resulting in low search rankings for obvious search terms.
      Replace the <title> element with the NAME section from the manual
      page.  For the main manual page this becomes:
      <title>nbdkit - toolkit for creating NBD servers</title>
      (cherry picked from nbdkit commit 6bda0a09d72b3d1a9c1d5e461122fff221788481)
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      docs: Fix option styling. · 35c1485d
      Richard W.M. Jones authored
      This commit fixes the man pages in a few places to be consistent with
      the usual style, described below.
      (a) If it's something you would type exactly, it's all in bold, eg:
          =item B<cache=unsafe>
      because “cache=unsafe” actually appears on the command line.
      (b) Otherwise the part you would type is in bold, and the rest is
      usually¹ capitalized, eg:
          =item B<cache-max-size=>SIZE
          =item B<rdelay=>NNB<ms>
      because “cache-max-size=1M” or “rdelay=30ms” is what would appear on
      the command line.
      (c) Alternatives are written on separate lines instead of using ‘|’,
          =item B<fuamode=none>
          =item B<fuamode=emulate>
      Note that a blank line between alternatives is required by POD, but
      POD also treats them as effectively a single heading/bullet.
      ¹ We're not very consistent about capitalization.
      (cherry picked from nbdkit commit f2087dc03b12ef0874ec8a31bbc5351a3c262b37)
    • Richard W.M. Jones's avatar
      docs: Use F<> for filenames, files, paths etc. · 659e5c98
      Richard W.M. Jones authored
      (cherry picked from nbdkit commit 8f753368ce98f9aa557fae1ebb675d5b767118ad)
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