Commit d30e1ee1 authored by Neil Spink's avatar Neil Spink

reintroduce package because artefact has folder

parent caa498cb
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......@@ -27,13 +27,21 @@ test:
- cp -R source/* .
- nose2 -v
image: python:3.7.2-stretch
stage: package
- apt-get update
- apt-get -y install zip unzip
- cd source
- zip -r *
image: python:3.7.2-stretch
stage: deploy
- curl --header "JOB-TOKEN':' $CI_JOB_TOKEN" -o$CI_JOB_NAME/artifacts/download?job=$CI_JOB_NAME
- pip3 install awscli
- aws s3 cp s3://$S3_BUCKET/
- aws s3 cp source/ s3://$S3_BUCKET/
- aws s3 cp source/website-monitor-list.yml s3://$S3_BUCKET/
- aws cloudformation package --template-file ./deployment/aws-create-lambda.json --s3-bucket $S3_BUCKET --output-template template-export.yml
- aws cloudformation deploy --template-file template-export.yml --stack-name aws-lambda-price-grabber-stack --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM --no-fail-on-empty-changeset
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