Commit 41169c46 authored by Alexander Shabarshin's avatar Alexander Shabarshin

roll back of one of the changes

parent f470d2a2
/* Modified by Shaos <>
25-NOV-2018 - Some changes in processing of CSRR* commands
22-NOV-2018 - Added saving HEX file with copy of the code in DEBUG_OUTPUT mode
21-NOV-2018 - Some statistics added in DEBUG_EXTRA mode
20-NOV-2018 - By default RV32M and RV32A extensions are disabled (STRICT_RV32I)
......@@ -1454,7 +1453,7 @@ void execute_instruction()
if (csr_read(&val2, imm, /*TRUE*/ (rd != 0))) {
if (csr_read(&val2, imm, TRUE)) {
raise_exception(CAUSE_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION, insn);
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