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    tests: Add test for abrupt server death · 91f24f7b
    Eric Blake authored
    It's worth testing that our transition to the DEAD state works as
    expected, by intentionally killing a server.
    This test also makes it possible to test what happens when pending
    commands are stranded, so that an upcoming patch to add notifiers can
    show the difference it makes.
    The test was surprisingly hard to write. For starters, sending SIGINT
    to nbdkit was sometimes enough to kill the process (if it hadn't yet
    read the NBD_CMD_READ, and therefore did not try to wait for any
    outstanding requests before quitting), but often it did not (because
    nbdkit was stuck waiting for pthread_join()). Then there's the race
    that nbd_poll() can sometimes get lucky enough to catch a POLLHUP in
    REPLY.START where recv() returning 0 transitions things to CLOSED, but
    more often catches a POLLERR and transitions to DEAD.  Then there was
    the hour I spent scratching my head why kill didn't seem to get rid of
    the child process even though the poll() was definitely seeing the fd
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