Commit 42474fb8 authored by Arne Köhn's avatar Arne Köhn

New tagger "tnt-greedy": Always use the best result for every single word.

parent f11e7928
#! /bin/sh
# usage: test [modelname] [inputfile] [outputfile]
abspath="$(cd "${0%/*}" 2>/dev/null; echo "$PWD"/"${0##*/}")"
WORKDIR=$(dirname $abspath)
../tnt/tnt -z 100 $WORKDIR/../tnt-standard/models/$1 $2 2>tmp-out-$1 | grep -v "^%% " | sed 's/\([^\t ]*[\t ]*[^\t ]*\).*/\1/' | sed "s/\t/ /g"| sed "s/ */ /g" >$3
TAGTIME=$(grep "Tagging: " tmp-out-$1)
SETUPTIME=$(grep "Setup: " tmp-out-$1)
echo SETUPTIME=$(echo $SETUPTIME | sed "s/.* \([0-9:\.]*\).*/\1/")
echo TAGTIME=$(echo $TAGTIME | sed "s/.*real \([0-9:\.]*\).*/\1/")
rm tmp-out-$1
#! /bin/sh
# usage: train [trainfile] [modelname]
# where modelname is the name of this experiment
echo "ERROR tnt-greedy uses tnt-standard's models. No need for training!"
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