Commit 17cd192d authored by Tobias Staron's avatar Tobias Staron

new properties for debugging

parent 19605893
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
defaultConfigFile = /informatik2/nats/home/staron/jwcdg/
# path to the grammar file
grammarFiles = /informatik2/nats/home/staron/corpora/lasc/rpG/rpG-act-short-de.cdg,/informatik2/nats/home/staron/jwcdg/resources/deutsch-hierarchien.cdg
grammarFiles = /informatik2/nats/home/staron/corpora/lasc/rpG/en/rpG-en-act.cdg,/informatik2/nats/home/staron/jwcdg/resources/deutsch-hierarchien.cdg
# encoding of the grammar file
grammarEncoding = iso-8859-15
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