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With namecoin, you can register names corresponding to online identities of
the form "id/something", which can hold your email address, real name, other
contact info, public key fingerprints, or whatever else you desire.
Furthermore, since ownership of a name is associated to possession of
a corresponding private key, one can proof it using a signature with
that private key.

OpenID is a system which allows you to sign into a plethora of websites
using a single identity, which is provided by some OpenID server (the
identity provider) or your choice.  NameID now tries to combine both ideas
by implementing an OpenID identity provider which allows anyone owning
a id/ identity to sign into it, authenticating with a private key signature.
You don't have to (and can't in fact) register an account with NameID
and also don't need to remember a password, because the first is done
by registering an id/ name with the decentralised namecoin network, and the
second is replaced by your name's private key.