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Hugo Extended, which the [Hugo Coder theme]( requires, can't be installed with [brew]( and instead needs to be installed via go with a flag.
This means that in the prebuild (or `init`) phase, it clones and installs it. The `.gitignore` keeps the `hugo/` directory that's built out of the repo, but still appears in Gitpod.
This means that in the prebuild (or `init`) phase, it clones and installs it.
In summary, use Gitpod because it's consistent and prebuilt.
In addition, it runs the command to load up the site so I can start cracking - I don't need to wait for Hugo to get running to start messing with my `config.toml` or whatever content I am working on.
I rather enjoy just slapping the button below and start working pretty much anywhere I have a browser, even my iPad or Windows machine.
[![Open in Gitpod](](
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[![Open in Gitpod](](
## Analytics
I want to know more about people who visit this site, but I am tin-foil-hat levels of privacy concerned.
With that in mind, I use [Fathom Analytics (referral link)](
They are specifically designed to be able to track things that are compliant to GDPR without needing a cookies notice, because they don't use a cookie at all.
Check out the [dashboard for this site]( to get a feel for what they track.
(Note: I leave on tracking while coding, so you will see a lot of `*` in there)
## GitLab CI
In order to use GitLab pages well, I use a `.gitlab-ci.yml` that builds to a specific, pinned version of Hugo extended (currently `0.91.2`).
It builds the page on all non-main branches and builds and deploys only on main.
The .gitlab-ci.yml isn't too different than others I have [written about](
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url = "about/"
name = "Professional Services (EU Only)"
weight = 2
url = ""
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weight = 3
url = ""
name = "Repo for this site"
weight = 4
url = ""
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