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Add wins and lessons for week 21

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#### Wins of the week
- This week I've been collaborating a lot with the rest of the Ops team, it's been great to brainstorm together around solving problematic areas like Settings or Navigation. I learnt more about the product.
- Finished Grafana research, we got some interesting [insights. ](
- Actually found the time to add to the APM retro. I think it's very important to learn from every milestone and have a discussion in the retro + figure out some actionable steps on how to improve.
- Started the Ops Docs card sort analysis
#### Lessons of the week
- Been feeling tired this week for some reason, everything was just slow. I guess I really need a vacation. Last milestone was very tough and I'm a bit burnt out. I'll be focusing on doing nothing this weekend to hopefully come back refreshed next week.
- Analyzing a card sort is a pain in the ass. Lots of data to analyze, I underestimated the effort it'll take. Will be still working on it next week. PLAN. MORE. TIME. FOR. RESEARCH.
## Next Week
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