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# Time Slime
A command line implementation of a time sheet
![Time Slime](extras/images/Time_Slime.jpg)
Time Slime is a simple command line implementation of a time sheet program.
Easily add hours to your work log, or use it as a standard time clock.
// Add 5 hours to the time sheet today
timeslime add 5
When it comes time, use it to generate reports on hours worked between two dates.
// Takes off worked hours from timesheet
timeslime add -2
## Getting Started
// Shows time sheet for a period of time
timeslime report 8/15/2018 8/31/2018
// Add hours to a specific date
timeslime add 5 8/20/2018
## Usage
// Clock in and clock out
timeslime clock in
timeslime clock out
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