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  • qz-2.2.0   Updates to location tables (AT, BE, CH, FI) Show country in list of messages Supply country code in TraFF output Report correct road classes for BE, ES, LU, NL, SE, SK Show tuning info (frequency and TMC service) in main application window Substitute CC/LTN/SID where no TMC service name is available Show relative date for messages from previous days Add German UI Allow screen to turn off when no tuner is connected Reduce screen flicker in main application window Add debug logging (RDS input, TraFF dump on disconnect, Logcat on crash) Fix several bugs resulting in incorrect start/end times for messages Fix an exception if the cache is queried while an update is in progress Fix crash if Bluetooth preference is opened on a device without Bluetooth Prevent inadvertent multiple Bluetooth connections, keep existing connection where possible Reliably stop service when USB tuner is detached Prevent reuse of message IDs which were replaced prior to expiration (which might have caused message management issues on the consumer side) Ensure generated XML uses the point as a decimal separator Fix incorrect signal strength indicator for GNS FM9 tuners
  • qz-2.1.0   New location tables (ES) Updates to location tables (BE, DE, FR, IT, NO, SE, SK) Correct per-country road categories (DK, FI, FR, NO, SI) Display start and stop time for messages that specify them Prevent messages from expiring if their start/stop time is in the future Prevent messages from expiring for at least twice the duration of a full band scan Allow message updates between TMC services with an ON mapping TraFF: indicate if the message location refers to ramps TraFF: supply quantifiers in events TraFF: add support for Supplementary Information Make the UI more responsive on startup Improve startup time by extracting the location database only if it has changed Debug options: log RDS data received, log TraFF data sent, verbose logging, process pre-recorded RDS data Reduce logging verbosity unless verbose logging is enabled Fix formatting for long durations indicated in messages Fix character encoding issues for some location tables Fix a crash on older Android versions (API < 24) Fix a crash when the screen is rotated during startup Fix a crash when returning to an existing Settings activity TraFF: fix bugs in speed and route length processing TraFF: fix message start and stop times TraFF: store and report message cancellations
  • qz-2.0.0   Send new messages as TraFF feeds to applications supporting it Updates to location tables (FI) Fix a bug causing the message list UI to miss some updates
  • qz-1.2   Fix a bug causing incorrect icons to be displayed in some cases Fix a bug which would prevent new Bluetooth connections after an unclean disconnect If autoconnect is enabled, try to reconnect lost Bluetooth connections once Autoconnect (if enabled) whenever user switches to app, unless already connected
  • qz-1.1   Bugfix release * Properly format messages ending in a question mark * Do not rely on prebuilt jars when building with gradle
    Release qz-1.1
  • qz-1.0   Initial release