Commit 7f2bdfe8 authored by Tomasz Maczukin's avatar Tomasz Maczukin

Merge branch 'feature/1930-runner-name-on-version-line' into 'master'

Add the runner name to the first line of log output, after the version

Closes #1930

See merge request !473
parents 02b11061 4d3c3a02
......@@ -317,7 +317,7 @@ func (b *Build) Run(globalConfig *Config, trace BuildTrace) (err error) {
var executor Executor
logger := NewBuildLogger(trace, b.Log())
logger.Println("Running with " + AppVersion.Line() + helpers.ANSI_RESET)
logger.Println(fmt.Sprintf("Running with %s\n on %s (%s)", AppVersion.Line(), b.Runner.Name, b.Runner.ShortDescription()))
b.CurrentState = BuildRunStatePending
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