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    • Vsevolod Volkov's avatar
      Attached patch fixes the problem described below. It should be · 8c3ecaf6
      Vsevolod Volkov authored
      applied to both mutt 1.3/1.4 and 1.5 branches.
      > Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 16:24:00 -0500
      > Subject: mutt 1.3.x / pop
      > From: "Ryan O'Hara" <rohara@isis.visi.com>
      > To: bcully@users.sourceforge.net
      > User-Agent: Mutt/1.3.27i
      > Hi. My apologies if this has nothing to do with you. If it does not,
      > maybe you could forward it on to someone.
      > In mutt 1.3.x I have noticed that if I uses POP to retrieve mail, and
      > I enter an incorrect password whem prompted, it will *save* that
      > password and keep trying to use it. However, in the 1.2.x versions it
      > worked like this: type in wrong POP password, try to connect to POP
      > server again and it will ask you (again) for the password. mutt 1.3.x
      > does not, it just tries to connect with the wrongs password (which
      > just failed).
      > This is kinda annoying. Just thought I'd point out this regression.
      > Thanks.
      > R
    • Wouter Verheijen's avatar
      Someone in news:comp.mail.mutt noted that the list of command-line · 70196466
      Wouter Verheijen authored
      options in the manual is not up-to-date.
      Included a small patch that includes all options that 'mutt -h' shows.
    • Cedric Duval's avatar
      attached are fixes for some little mistakes : · d112b949
      Cedric Duval authored
      * history-down -> scroll _down_, not up
      * functions decode-(save|copy) do not exist in the attach menu.
      * gettext oversight in pattern.c
      * inconsistency between "printf-like sequences" used all over the place
        and "escape sequences" for the description of $attribution.
  5. 20 Apr, 2002 9 commits
    • Thomas Roessler's avatar
      Backing out the latest iconv-related changes from the · 2732210e
      Thomas Roessler authored
      mutt-1-4-stable branch.
    • Thomas Roessler's avatar
      Try to get the noiconv patch to work. · 824d6134
      Thomas Roessler authored
    • Thomas Roessler's avatar
    • Thomas Roessler's avatar
      Fix a typo. · e2926699
      Thomas Roessler authored
    • Lars Hecking's avatar
      patch.1.3.28.lh.noiconv · 3efaee8d
      Lars Hecking authored
       This is the new version of my noiconv patch. It _requires_ the previous
       patch! If applied without, you'll have to resolve a couple of conflicts
       - it's a lot cleaner than the old noiconv patch because no m4 files are
       - new configure option --disable-iconv; INSTALL updated accordingly
         [I am guessing here, but the background for the --without-iconv option
          mentioned in INSTALL was that mutt had a without-iconv option before
          gettext included iconv support. When mutt's intl/* files were updated
          to a newer gettext, there suddenly were two iconv options, which then
          got merged, that is, mutt's was removed. That was probably when
          --without-iconv stopped working, but I'm not sure, it may well be that
          it never worked since iconv support was introduced.]
       - all changes in *.[ch] files should be identical to the old patch
    • Lars Hecking's avatar
      This one seems to have been missing, too. · b99364c5
      Lars Hecking authored
    • Lars Hecking's avatar
      Another file from the gettext patch. · 1b7099c8
      Lars Hecking authored
    • Lars Hecking's avatar
    • Lars Hecking's avatar
      patch.1.3.28.lh.gettext-0.11.1 · 32970626
      Lars Hecking authored
       This one updates the gettext stuff in mutt to gettext-0.11.1. I started
       doing this in the hope that the new gettext version would simplify the
       noiconv patch, but unfortunately, this turned out not to be the case
       (the new iconv m4 macros still don't allow for switching iconv support off).
       However, as a few hours of merging and testing were spent, I'd suggest to
       adopt it for 1.4. The actual changes to intl/* are part cosmetic, part code
       reorganisation. Ok, a bit more, I'm no gettext expert :)
       - after applying the patch, you need to chmod 755 config.rpath
       - a couple of new files for m4/*, too
       - I have broken with the tradition of renaming gettext's AM_* macros
         to MUTT_AM_*! I don't think it's necessary anymore to customise these
         macros, but you (I really mean "you, tlr" :) want to have a look at
         the new gettext.m4.  The others should be ok as they are.
       - previous gettext updates were also updating po/Makefile.in.in, which
         I didn't; someone who has a clue about gettext should check whether
         this might be necessary, and also whether any other files in po/ need
       I will provide the same patch for the 1.5 branch at some stage, ideally
       after getting some  F E E D B A C K  for this one.
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    • Brendan Cully's avatar
      The attached patch cleans up some bugs in switching IMAP mailboxes: · 76e66e04
      Brendan Cully authored
      * free current flags on mailbox close
      * reset reopen state
      * don't parse the same untagged SELECT response for multiple options
      * call mx_update_context after reading the whole mailbox, not after
        each message
      * reset new mail flag if mail arrives in the middle of opening the
        mailbox. This should close 1139
      939 is most likely unaffected. I discovered these problems while
      investigating 939.
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