Commit f876319f authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

mutt/2142 suggests that the change from pattern.c,3.14 -> 3.15

causes inconsistency and confusion.  Reverting the change;
adding a helpful message to the status line.
parent 516f5cf7
......@@ -868,6 +868,8 @@ CHECK_IMAP_ACL(IMAP_ACL_DELETE);
mutt_draw_tree (Context);
menu->redraw = REDRAW_FULL;
if (Context->pattern)
mutt_message _("To view all messages, limit to \"all\".");
case OP_QUIT:
......@@ -1202,15 +1202,8 @@ int mutt_pattern_func (int op, char *prompt)
int i;
strfcpy (buf, NONULL (Context->pattern), sizeof (buf));
if (mutt_get_field (prompt, buf, sizeof (buf), M_PATTERN | M_CLEAR) != 0)
if (mutt_get_field (prompt, buf, sizeof (buf), M_PATTERN | M_CLEAR) != 0 || !buf[0])
return (-1);
if (!buf[0])
if (op == M_LIMIT)
strfcpy (buf, "~A", sizeof(buf));
return -1;
mutt_message _("Compiling search pattern...");
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