Commit dd1e0ea4 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Remove conversion of nbsp to space.

Keep the behavior of it not line-breaking, but don't change it to a
space character when displaying.  This is so copy-paste from the pager
will preserve the nbsp, which is semantically important in some
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......@@ -1216,13 +1216,6 @@ static int format_line (struct line_t **lineInfo, int n, unsigned char *buf,
if (wc == ' ')
space = ch;
else if (Charset_is_utf8 && wc == 0x00A0)
/* Convert non-breaking space to normal space. The local variable
* `space' is not set here so that the caller of this function won't
* attempt to wrap at this character. */
wc = ' ';
t = wcwidth (wc);
if (col + t > wrap_cols)
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