Commit db787e6f authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Preparing 0.94.5i.

parent b1f95bd4
Mon Aug 24 09:24:28 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
Fri Sep 4 15:53:27 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c: Catch MIME parameters with p->value
== NULL.
* sendlib.c: Fixing a memory leak in
Tue Sep 1 06:54:53 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap.c: IMAP fixes from Nathan Neulinger.
(<> on mutt-dev.)
Mon Aug 31 16:46:29 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* send.c: Fix a small problem with Liviu's
attach_fcc patch.
* compose.c: Updating to
* thread.c, protos.h, mutt.h, init.h, hdrline.c,
curs_main.c: Updating to
Sat Aug 29 08:27:02 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: Correct an
editor key binding example.
Fri Aug 28 19:09:24 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* send.c, pgp.h, pgp.c: Cleaning up the fcc_attach
hack. From Liviu.
* functions.h, browser.c, OPS:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.display_filename.1] Introduce a
new function "display-filename" which displays the
currently selected file's name on the message
* attach.c: [patch-0.94.4i.tlr.get_attachment.1-2]
Get the attachment time stamping business right.
* protos.h, functions.h, compose.c, attach.c, OPS:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.get_attachment.1] Create a new
"get-attachment" function on the compose menu
which will copy an attachment to a temporary file.
* compose.c: [patch-0.94.4.vikas.attach_message.1]
Cleaning up some of the attach-message code.
* thread.c: removing superfluous include
Thu Aug 27 23:51:58 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* curs_main.c: code cosmetics.
* thread.c, sort.c, protos.h, pattern.c, mx.c,
mutt.h, mbox.c, init.h, hdrline.c, functions.h,
curs_main.c, OPS: [patch-0.94.4.vikas.collapse.2]
Vikas' collapse-thread patch.
* recvattach.c, postpone.c, mutt.h, lib.c,
curs_main.c, browser.c, addrbook.c:
[] Padding to the
end of line/right jusitifying does not work in
menus when $arrow_cursor is set, because the extra
space needed for the arrow is not taken into
account. (From Gero Treuner
* Attic/testmsg, rfc1524.c:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.shell_quote.1-2] Fix a
brain-dead segmentation fault when freeing
non-allocated memory.
* doc/Attic/mutt.sgml: Mh. This seems to have
shown up again while cleaning up the CVS branches.
* sendlib.c, send.c, protos.h, pgp.h, pgp.c: Make
$fcc_attach work correctly when sending
PGP-encrypted messages. Hack by Liviu.
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: Document
attach_format. (From: Gero Treuner
* rfc1524.c, protos.h, pgpinvoke.c, mx.c, lib.c,
curs_lib.c: [patch-0.94.4i.tlr.shell_quote.1] Try
to quote file name arguments and the like for
shell commands.
* pgpkey.c: Minor nit: if you enter the wrong key
ID at Mutt's prompt, Mutt should erase the old
value --- otherwise people might think it has just
hung there. (From Liviu Daia.)
Wed Aug 26 21:12:23 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* rfc822.c: Another possible memory leak in
rfc822_parse_adrlist. The problem and the patch
are pretty much the same as with the last fix
applied to this file - it's just ',' instaed of
';' this time.
* rfc822.c, TODO:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.rfc822_leak.1] Fixing a memory leak in
the rfc822_parse_adrlist().
Some explanations seem to be in order here. Let's look at
the code:
386 else if (*s == ';')
387 {
388 if (phraselen)
389 {
390 phrase[phraselen] = 0;
391 add_addrspec (&top, &last, phrase, comment, &commentlen, sizeof (comment) - 1);
392 }
393 else if (commentlen && !last->personal)
394 {
395 comment[commentlen] = 0;
396 last->personal = safe_strdup (comment);
397 }
398 #ifdef EXACT_ADDRESS
399 if (last && !last->val)
Line 399 contains the change; previously, it looked like
399' if (last)
400 last->val = mutt_substrdup (begin, s);
401 #endif
403 /* add group terminator */
404 cur = rfc822_new_address ();
405 if (last)
406 {
407 last->next = cur;
408 last = cur;
409 }
411 phraselen = 0;
412 commentlen = 0;
413 s++;
414 begin = s;
415 SKIPWS (begin);
416 }
OK, what happens? There are essentially two situations here:
-> We have already parsed a complete address specification
and know about this fact, but there was no new address
information. This is the case if we are parsing
through addresses like
recipients: a, b, c,;
(Note the extra ',' before the ';'!)
In this case, some of the other code in rfc822.c has
already filled in last->val, and we really shouldn't
overwrite that with a NULL pointer.
-> The ';' finishes an address spec, like in
recipients: a;
In this case, last is either set by add_addrspec(), or
it has already been set by some of the previous code
(comment handling, ...). Anyway, last->val is still
NULL, so it is correct to write the complete addr spec
to last->val.
* imap.c: Error message cosmetics.
Tue Aug 25 22:34:58 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* rfc1524.c, attach.c, TODO:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.nametemplate.1] Fix
nametemplate support: We should not move the
user's files around just to make them match
mailcap's idea of their file name. This patch uses
symbolic links instead.
* curs_main.c: [patch-0.94.4i.tlr.synch_fault.1]
Start up two mutts. Delete the last message in
both of them. Synchronize the mailbox in both of
them. Segmentation fault.
* TODO: adding a few notes.
* commands.c: If you issue "decode-save" on an
encrypted message without reading it first, Mutt
won't prompt you for a passphrase, and it will
happily write an empty message, deleting the
original. (From an unnamed colleague of Liviu
* imap.c: [patch-0.94.4i.tlr.imap_newline.2] Use
cr nl instead of single nl when uploading a
message to an imap server.
* sendlib.c, protos.h, postpone.c, compose.c:
[patch-0.94.4i.tlr.encoding.1] Fix
content-transfer-encoding updates when renaming
files from the compose menu and when recalling
postponed messages.
* imap.c: s/free/FREE/
Mon Aug 24 19:40:35 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* TODO, Attic/BUGS: Compile BUGS and TODO into a
comprehensive issue list.
* Attic/BUGS: Clean up the bug list.
* reldate.h,, configure, ChangeLog:
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: Documenting
* thread.c, curs_main.c: Fix "previous-subthread"
in reverse-threads mode, allow next-(sub)thread
and previous-(sub)thread to work in limited mode.
(From: Liviu Daia)
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: Documenting $hidden_host.
This list tries to cover the open problems we have with
mutt. It's compiled from the old BUGS and TODO files in
the distribution, from recent mutt-dev postings, and from
other messages relating to problems and/or wishes with
Problems are listed in approximate order of priority.
- Re-visit nametemplate support. Currently, we use
symbolic links in our temporary directory for this. When
using /tmp, this may have security implementations and
introduce race conditions.
I'm listing the problems in approximate order of priority.
- Fix the "unexpected EXPUNGE" IMAP bug.
......@@ -52,9 +52,6 @@ I'm listing the problems in approximate order of priority.
can't be read from the other one.
- Re-visit nametemplate support. Currently, we use
symbolic links in our temporary directory for this.
- BODY struct should probably have a pointer to its
corresponding HEADER struct. this is needed for
......@@ -70,6 +67,6 @@ I'm listing the problems in approximate order of priority.
- handle message/partial reconstruction
- not possible to view the header of a single part message
which contains something that requires a mailcap entry to
which contains something that requires a mailcap entry
to view
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-08-24";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-09-06";
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