Commit ce1693bc authored by Brendan Cully's avatar Brendan Cully

Back out e67f4c347bb4.

I could not reproduce the problem, and the change makes it impossible to
change to a real folder when no folder is currently open.
parent 3215d1ad
2009-10-28 23:03 -0700 Brendan Cully <> (89fb586edda2)
* sendlib.c: Unfold headers to wrap length in pager, when weed is set.
From Rocco's patch queue.
2009-09-22 23:29 -0700 Antonio Radici <> (5037c59a589e)
* po/it.po: Correct Italian translation of y/n/a prompt.
Closes #3336
2009-08-27 22:10 -0700 Petr Písař <> (605559e4f88f)
* po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation.
......@@ -1082,7 +1082,7 @@ int mutt_index_menu (void)
else if (Context && Context->path)
mutt_buffy (buf, sizeof (buf));
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