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Documentation for check-traditional-pgp and for edit-type when used

in read mode.
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......@@ -353,6 +353,16 @@ Specifying an <ref id="alias_file" name="&dollar;alias&lowbar;file">
does not add the aliases specified there-in, you must also <ref
id="source" name="source"> the file.
<p><bf/check-traditional-pgp/<label id="check-traditional-pgp"> (default: ESC P)<newline>
This function will search the current message for content signed or
encrypted with PGP the "traditional" way, that is, without proper
MIME tagging. Technically, this function will temporarily change
the MIME content types of the body parts containing PGP data; this
is similar to the <ref id="edit-type" name="edit-type"> function's
<p><bf/display-toggle-weed/<label id="display-toggle-weed"> (default: h)<newline>
Toggles the weeding of message header fields specified by <ref id="ignore"
......@@ -366,6 +376,22 @@ After you have finished editing, the changed message will be
appended to the current folder, and the original message will be
marked for deletion.
<p><bf/edit-type/<label id="edit-type"><newline>
(default: ^E on the attachment menu, and in the pager and index menus; ^T on the
compose menu)
This command is used to temporarily edit an attachment's content
type to fix, for instance, bogus character set parameters. When
invoked from the index or from the pager, you'll have the
opportunity to edit the top-level attachment's content type. On the
<ref id="attach_menu" name="attachment menu">, you can change any
attachment's content type. These changes are not persistent, and get
lost upon changing folders.
Note that this command is also available on the <ref
id="compose_menu" name="compose menu">. There, it's used to
fine-tune the properties of attachments you are going to send.
<p><bf/enter-command/<label id="enter-command"> (default: ``:'')<newline>
This command is used to execute any command you would normally put in a
......@@ -2343,9 +2369,14 @@ and by using the ``tag-prefix'' operator. You can also reply to the
current message from this menu, and only the current attachment (or the
attachments tagged) will be quoted in your reply. You can view
attachments as text, or view them using the mailcap viewer definition.
Finally, you can apply the usual message-related functions (like
<ref id="resend-message" name="resend-message">, and the reply
and forward functions) to attachments of type <tt>message/rfc822</tt>.
See the help on the attachment menu for more information.
<sect2>The Compose Menu
<sect2>The Compose Menu<label id="compose_menu">
The compose menu is the menu you see before you send a message. It
allows you to edit the recipient list, the subject, and other aspects
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