Commit c160ca1d authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Reset invalid parsed received dates to 0. (closes #3878)

The actual problem in the ticket would be solved by d3f31cf9239e (see
#3798).  However there is still the bug that Mutt considers a
(hdr->received != 0) to be set and usable, despite not checking the
return value of mutt_parse_date().

Change mutt_read_rfc822_header() to unset an invalid received value
back to 0.  We don't do this inside mutt_read_rfc822_line() because
that would cause the next received line to be parsed.
parent 1937b309
......@@ -1455,6 +1455,12 @@ ENVELOPE *mutt_read_rfc822_header (FILE *f, HEADER *hdr, short user_hdrs,
e->real_subj = e->subject;
if (hdr->received < 0)
dprint(1,(debugfile,"read_rfc822_header(): resetting invalid received time to 0\n"));
hdr->received = 0;
/* check for missing or invalid date */
if (hdr->date_sent <= 0)
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