Commit a8102a60 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

We do update .mh_sequences files now.

parent cc84b8a5
......@@ -2003,7 +2003,7 @@ correspond to the message number Mutt displays). Deleted messages are
renamed with a comma (,) prepended to the filename. <bf/Note:/ Mutt
detects this type of mailbox by looking for either <tt/.mh&lowbar;sequences/
or <tt/.xmhcache/ (needed to distinguish normal directories from MH
mailboxes). Mutt does not update these files, yet.
<bf/Maildir/. The newest of the mailbox formats, used by the Qmail MTA (a
replacement for sendmail). Similar to <em/MH/, except that it adds three
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