Commit a4e4075a authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.3.1

parent 48a825f6
Sat May 20 07:53:50 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* doc/ Document display-hook in the manual page.
* commands.c, hook.c, init.h, mutt.h, protos.h, send.c:
Add a display-hook command. From Byrial Jensen.
* alias.c, browser.c, init.c, lib.c, mutt.h, muttlib.c, protos.h:
Add mutt_gecos_name function which centrally handles the GECOS
* imap/imap.c:
Shut up some warnings. We may have to think about mutt_stristr again.
Verify that regmatch_t has offsets, and not only pointers. From Sam
Roberts <>.
Don't look for curses in /usr/5lib any more - this broke things for
some people.
Don't look for the curses library in /usr/5lib any more. This broke
things for some people.
* sendlib.c:
Real fix for the pointer problem noted by Heiko Schlichting.
* sendlib.c:
Fix a "string on stack returned" bug found by Heiko Schlichting.
Fri May 19 07:36:42 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* hdrline.c: Fix %. formats. From EGE.
Thu May 18 17:06:59 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* copy.c, parse.c, rfc2047.c, rfc2047.h, rfc2231.c, send.c, sendlib.c:
rfc2047_decode change from EGE.
* charset.c: Catch a segmentation fault in mutt_convert_string ().
* acconfig.h: Don't enable debugging by default in the stable branch.
*, main.c:
More debugging output, and a warning in
* main.c:
Tell us something about internal iconv and CHARMAPS_DIR from mutt -v.
Wed May 17 12:39:16 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* mkjtags.c: handle ^L lines correctly.
* mkjtags.c: Some beautifications.
*, mkjtags.c:
Add a little tool to help with building tags files my editor groks.
* handler.c:
When displaying a deleted attachment's information, present the file
name if it is present. Suggested by Pete Wenzel <>.
* imap/imap_ssl.c: SSL certificate check fix. From Tommi Komulainen.
* imap/imap_ssl.c: Certificate check fix, from Tommi Komulainen.
* OPS, enter.c, functions.h:
Add forward-word and backward-word functions to the editor.
* OPS, enter.c, functions.h:
Add a kill-eow function to the line editor.
* init.c: Small fix to mutt_set_default().
Tue May 16 19:01:50 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
We don't need to build in the charmaps/ directory unless we use the
included iconv.
* compose.c, mutt.h, protos.h, sendlib.c:
Some fixes to the size calculation code.
* compose.c, globals.h, init.h, sendlib.c:
A modified version of Will Fiveash's compose format patch.
* acconfig.h,, init.c, init.h:
Use nl_langinfo's return value as the default for $charset.
* init.c:
More default setting. This can easily be done much cleaner than the
last version of the patch.
* init.c: Hack: mutt_restore_default() now stores the latest value of a
variable as it's default if there was no default before. The code
in question is executed precisely once: when mutt_restore_default() is
invoked from mutt_init().
* hook.c, lib.c, lib.h, muttlib.c, protos.h:
Let _mutt_expand_path escape regular expression special characters.
For stable.
* hook.c, lib.c, lib.h, muttlib.c, protos.h:
mutt_expand_path is now able to escape special characters for use in
regular expressions. This is needed to make folder-hooks work like
* muttlib.c: Sanitize file names passed to mutt_adv_mktemp.
* muttlib.c: Sanitize file name suggestions passed to mutt_adv_mktemp.
* doc/manual.sgml.tail, OPS, enter.c, functions.h:
Add a transpose-character function to the editor. From Aaron Schrab.
Improve the wchar_t checks. From "Andrew W. Nosenko" <>.
Mon May 15 12:00:53 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
*, mbyte.c, pager.c: More iconv-related patches from EGE.
Sat May 13 17:39:03 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
HP/UX vs. ANSI C. From Lars Hecking and Albert Chin. [stable]
Configuration for ANSI C / HP/UX. From albert chin and Lars Hecking.
Fri May 12 13:41:34 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* mbyte.c, wcwidth.c: Make things compile. ;-)
* mbyte.c, mbyte.h, wcwidth.c:
Isprint-related changes. Suggested by Andrew Nosenko, adapted by EGE.
* gettext.c: Replacing some more free() calls by safe_free().
* iconv/iconv.c, acconfig.h,, curs_lib.c, gettext.c, help.c, mbyte.c, mbyte.h, mutt.h, pager.c, wcwidth.c:
wide-character related patches. From Edmund Grimley Evans.
* HP/UX -Ae detection. From Albert Chin. [stable]
Improve the HP/UX check for the -Ae command line parameter. From
albert chin (
* gen_defs: Make sure gen_defs returns success. [stable]
* gen_defs:
Sam Roberts reports that some shells do strange things with exit
* doc/manual.sgml.head:
Fix $spool vs. $spoolfile. From David Ellement.
* iconv/.cvsignore: Ignore, Makefile, and .deps.
Thu May 11 07:10:32 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* doc/ Remove some unnecessary spaces.
* doc/, main.c:
Fix usage information. Noted by Mikko Hnninen.
* acconfig.h,, globals.h:
Check volatility of sig_atomic_t.
Wed May 10 18:02:31 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* Support for old Kerberos versions. From David Champion
* Fix support for old Kerberos libraries.
* hdrline.c, thread.c:
updated messages-in-thread (%e) patch from Markus Holmberg.
* po/pl.po: update.
* init.h, mutt.h, pop.c:
Fix a segmentation fault introduced by the change of pop_delete to a
quad option.
* po/fr.po: Update the French translation.
Tue May 9 20:19:28 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* parse.c: more mailtool brain-damage support.
* acconfig.h,, parse.c:
Sun mailtool message support. The format is ugly, but the patch is
reasonably clean.
* include mbyte.h with the distribution.
* doc/devel-notes.txt: Add a word about format flags.
* imap/message.c: Make the X-Label patch work over IMAP.
* po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_TW.Big5.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po, po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/fr.po, po/gl.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ko.po, reldate.h, ChangeLog, VERSION:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.3
* hdrline.c, init.h, protos.h, thread.c:
Add a %e option for thread-relative message numbers. From Markus
Holmberg <>.
* doc/manual.sgml.head, hdrline.c, init.h, mutt.h, parse.c, pattern.c:
X-Label header support from David Champion <>.
* init.h, pop.c: Make pop_delete a quad-option. From Honza Pazdziora
Ups, we should leave the version file on 1.2, so the diff will get
built properly when I release 1.3.
* iconv/, iconv/iconv.c, iconv/iconv.h, lib.h, mbyte.c, mbyte.h, menu.c, muttlib.c, pager.c, pgppubring.c, protos.h, rfc2047.c, rfc2231.c, sendlib.c, utf8.c, wcwidth.c,, VERSION, charset.c, charset.h, commands.c, compose.c,, curs_lib.c, curs_main.c, enter.c, gettext.c, gnupgparse.c, hdrline.c, help.c, init.c:
Edmund Grimley Evans' UTF-8 patch.
* po/ko.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/uk.po, po/zh_TW.Big5.po, VERSION, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po, po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/fr.po, po/gl.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, reldate.h, ChangeLog:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.2
* build-release: unstable branch.
* build-release: start preparing 1.2.
Tue May 9 15:51:54 2000 Thomas Roessler <>
* hdrline.c, init.h, protos.h, thread.c:
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This diff is collapsed.
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const char *ReleaseDate = "2000-05-09";
const char *ReleaseDate = "2000-05-20";
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