Commit a3825054 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Preparing 0.94.6i.

parent 2fe89e82
Sun Sep 13 15:27:03 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c, rfc2047.c, recvattach.c, hash.h,
gen-charset.c, handler.c,, configure,
commands.c, charset.h, charset.c,
This patch adds on-demand loading of character set
tables, changes the default location of $SHAREDIR,
and fixes some compilation problems occuring on
machines without PGP installed.
Sat Sep 12 19:58:56 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c: Fixing a silly typo in the edit-message code.
* rfc2047.c, charset.c, charset.h, handler.c,
[] This patch adds
support for international character sets. Currently, mutt
knows about the following character sets and is able to
convert between them:
iso-8859-1, ..., iso-8859-9, koi8-r, windows-1251, x-cp866.
(From: Ruslan Ermilov <>)
* recvattach.c, protos.h, pattern.c, mutt.h,
init.c, history.h, enter.c, commands.c: When
entering a 'set' command on the command-line,
pressing TAB after string_var= will insert the
current value of that variable. Note that this
works only for variables of type 'string'.
Also fixes the following buglets in command-completion:
1. doesnt work if you started the command-line with
2. Seems to think that 'Set', 'ReSeT', etc are valid
commands (since it checks for 'strcasecmp' instead of
'strcmp' when completing the variable names Also fixes
the following buglets in command-completion:
(From: Vikas Agnihotri <>)
* enter.c: Use the proper history class when
entering mutt commands.
* imap.c: [patch-0.94.5i.jmy.imap_quote.1]
* sendlib.c, send.c, protos.h, postpone.c,
parse.c, mutt.h, lib.c, functions.h, curs_main.c,
compose.c, OPS: Adding the edit-message feature.
* hdrline.c: [patch-0.94.5.vikas.collapse_format.2] - introduce %M for
the number of messages which is hidden in a thread.
Tue Sep 8 19:32:57 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* TODO: Bogus bug. Actually, by setting use_mailcap=no, it _is_
possible to view the header of a single-part message with
a non-autoview body type.
* recvattach.c: This patch makes the view attachment menu show all
message/rfc822 parts as a new level, not only the
multipart messages. This makes it possible to display a
message/rfc822 part which includes only a image/jpeg part
or something else which cant be viewed in the pager.
(From: Jimmy Mkel <>)
* recvattach.c, pgp.c, copy.c:
Change the interface of pgp_decrypt_mime() to enable this
function to do some sanity checks.
Mon Sep 7 20:47:25 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* recvattach.c:
Don't descend into multipart/encrypted on the recvattach
* sendlib.c, recvattach.c, pgp.h, pgp.c, lib.c, handler.c, commands.c:
[patch-0.94.5i.tlr.pgp_fixes.1] This patch fixes various
pgp-related issues. In particular, mutt won't segfault
when trying to decrypt-save messages from the index, and
the presence of a PGP-encrypted body part on the
attachment menu will no longer confuse the MIME parser.
* curs_lib.c: Clear the "Exit Mutt" prompt.
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: SGML typo.
* rfc822.c: Some testing.
* enter.c: Yet another fix to the alias and query completion stuff:
Skip leading white space when constructing the addresses.
* enter.c: Don't use <space> as an address delimiter when using
query-complete and alias-complete.
* rfc1524.c: Quote MIME parameters when doing %{MIME-parameter}
* sendlib.c, recvattach.c, protos.h, pgp.h, pgp.c, pager.c, mutt.h, init.h, handler.c, functions.h, curs_main.c, copy.h, copy.c, commands.c, OPS.PGP:
Introducing decrypt-save, decrypt-copy, and
$forw{ard,}-decrypt. Based on work by Emil Laurentiu.
* mbox.c: [patch-0.94.4i.matthewf.writingmessages-fix.1] Fix the
display when synchronizing mbox mail folders.
* query.c, protos.h, pattern.c, lib.c, curs_lib.c: Fix simple patterns.
* protos.h, mx.c, browser.c: Put the S_ISLNK definition into protos.h.
* pgp.c: Fixing convert_to_7bit(). From Liviu Daia.
Sun Sep 6 11:35:34 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* lib.c: Fixing the quoting of shell specials in mutt_expand_fmt().
* query.c: Change snprintf to mutt_expand_fmt when expanding the
query command.
* protos.h, lib.c, attach.c, TODO:
[patch-0.94.5i.tlr.safe_symlink.1] Introduce
safe_symlink() for /tmp-safe symlinking in the
nametemplate code.
* reldate.h,, configure, TODO, ChangeLog:
Preparing 0.94.5i.
Fri Sep 4 15:53:27 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c: Catch MIME parameters with p->value == NULL.
* sendlib.c: Fixing a memory leak in mutt_prepare_envelope().
Fri Sep 4 15:53:27 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c: Catch MIME parameters with p->value
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-09-06";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-09-13";
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