Commit 90e9d335 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Preparing 0.94.2i.

parent 41cdedf4
Wed Jul 22 08:26:16 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
Fri Jul 31 08:17:50 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* rfc1524.c: Changing an sprintf to an snprintf (which it was meant to
* protos.h: mutt_sanitize_filename takes char *, not const char *.
* protos.h, lib.c, attach.c:
Introducing mutt_sanitize_filename(). The code is similar
to patch-0.91.1i.tlr.rfc1524_sanitize.1 and to Peter
Holzer's patch against 0.91.
* rfc1524.h, rfc1524.c, postpone.c, attach.c:
Avoid possible buffer overflows in mutt_adv_mktemp().
* sendlib.c: Interpret sysexits-style exit values from sendmail.
*, configure,, acconfig.h:
Check for sysexits.h.
Thu Jul 30 09:30:38 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* edit.c: When reading in files, be_snarf_file() wouldn't recognize
'~' as the user's home directory.
Wed Jul 29 10:54:09 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* README, Changes: Finalizing 0.93.2i.
*, configure: Bumping to 0.93.2(i).
* parse.c: Fixing a buffer overflow in parse.c which presented a
serious security thread. Noted by Paul Boehm
Tue Jul 28 08:21:49 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* Attic/patch.slang-1.2.2.keypad.1: Adding a patch for a SLang bug.
* INSTALL: Adding a patch for a SLang bug.
* mx.c: Doing 'mutt -f NoSuchFile' just flickers the screen and
silently exits. Earlier (0.92.14 at least), it used to
spit out the error 'NoSuchFile: no such file or directory
(errno = 2)'. (Noted and tracked down by Vikas Agnihotri
* color.c: The index cache should be updated even without color
Mon Jul 27 13:39:39 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* Attic/BUGS: Adding a notice about some more nits.
* main.c: Change the error reporting mail address from
<> to <>.
* protos.h, init.h, color.c:
This patch fixes index "color" patterns when using a
non-color capable curses library. While working on color
support, I've thrown together the mutt_parse_color() and
mutt_parse_mono() functions as they are sharing most of
their code. Additionally, a new directive called "unmono"
is introduced. The implementation consists in adding a
flag and very few lines of code (plus ifdefs) to
* snprintf.c, rfc1524.h, rfc1524.c, date.c:
Fixing some minor nits: missing #includes in date.c and
snprintf.c, and a not-so-nice declaration of
rfc1524_new_entry(). Noted by Digital cc and gcc.
Fri Jul 24 08:12:46 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* copy.c, attach.c:
Fiddling around with message/rfc822 attachments once again.
Thu Jul 23 20:57:50 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* status.c, sendlib.c, send.c, rfc2047.c, pop.c, pager.c, mx.c, mh.c, mbox.c, lib.c, init.c, imap.c, edit.c, curs_lib.c, compose.c, commands.c, color.c, browser.c, attach.c, alias.c:
Guard lots of global (char *) variable deferences against
NULL pointers.
* copy.c, attach.c:
Yet another patch about saving message/rfc822 attachments.
* main.c, send.c: Fixing potential NULL pointer deferences.
Wed Jul 22 22:47:57 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* recvattach.c: Another fix from Liviu.
* recvattach.c, from.c, attach.c:
Another patch from liviu to fix the message/rfc822
* recvattach.c, mx.c, attach.c:
This patch fixes the saving of message/rfc822 attachments
to mail folders. Additionally, it fixes an outstanding
bug with From_ lines being written to MH folders.
(From: Liviu Daia <>)
* menu.c, functions.h, browser.c, OPS:
1. When I hit 'c' (change dir) in browser, it gives me the
directory, but without the final '/', so I have to add
'/' to add a subdirectory name. This patch fixes it.
2. check-new now will recheck mailbox folders for new
3. added a function toggle-mailboxes which toggles in
browser between mailboxes view and directory view.
(bound to TAB by default).
(From: "Michael S. Tsirkin" <>)
* send.c: Correct an error message in send.c.
(From: Byrial Jensen <>)
......@@ -559,7 +559,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-07-22";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-07-31";
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