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preparing 0.94.1i.

parent 4f6422d5
Thu Jul 16 08:57:00 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
Wed Jul 22 08:26:16 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* send.c: Correct an error message in send.c.
(From: Byrial Jensen <>)
* sendlib.c, recvattach.c, protos.h, postpone.c,
pager.c, mx.c, mutt.h, lib.c, keymap.c, handler.c,
compose.c, commands.c, attach.h, attach.c:
These changes fix some of the bugs which were
recently reported to mutt-dev. To be more specific,
message-type attachments are saved to mail folders
from the receive attachment menu, some of the
sending code has been made more robust against
disappearing attachments, and "tag" is rebound to
"T" on the compose menu.
(Some part of this patch comes from Vikas Agnihotri
* send.c: Avoid a potential segmentation fault when
trying to postpone, but Postponed equals NULL.
* Attic/BUGS: This file is intended to contain known
bugs which still have to be fixed.
* doc/manual.txt:
Committing the changes previously made to manual.sgml.
* imap.c: Include Message-ID and Reply-To headers
when fetching a message's headers from an IMAP
server. (From: Andy Sloane <>)
Tue Jul 21 07:54:03 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* recvattach.c:
The old behaviour of the %d (for description) specifier is
recreated by this patch.
(From: Byrial Jensen <>)
* protos.h, lib.c, attach.c:
You should never _ever_ do something like this:
[process A] ---[piped write until EOF]---> [process B]
[process A] <---[piped read until EOF]--- [process B]
Basically, what happens is something like this: A
feeds data to B; B processes the data, and feeds it
to the pipe until the pipe buffer is full; at this
point, A writes to its pipe until its buffer is full
too, and if it still has more data to write, that's
it, it never gets to the read part to flush B's
buffer --- both processes are blocked on write.
This patch fixes such a situation in the compose menu.
(From: Liviu Daia <>)
Mon Jul 20 21:01:05 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* Perl lies in /usr/bin on my machines.
* pop.c: It seems that if you don't enter any
password at all when prompted for the POP password,
Mutt will die with a segmentation fault also. (Bug
reported by Steve Mayer <> via the
Debian bug tracking system, fix from Thomas
* postpone.c: When you send a message which have
been postponed before sending, then all its
attachments (if there are more than one) will have a
content-disposition header which includes a
filename, even if there isn't a real filename but
only random choosen temporary one. (From: Byrial
Jensen <>)
Sat Jul 18 09:18:31 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* recvattach.c: "Set mime_forward, and forward a
message --- Mutt will segfault." The obvious fix for
this is to check for aptr->content->hdr in
mutt_attach_fmt() before invoking
_mutt_make_string(). Anyway, I suspect that the
real fix may involve something like parsing the
rfc822 attachment in question.
* sendlib.c: Postponing messages behaves funny when the $postponed
folder is in Maildir format; I traced this down to the
fact that postponed messages are saved in "cur" while
mutt_num_postponed() is looking at "new".
(From: Liviu Daia <>)
Fri Jul 17 08:37:02 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* compose.c: Removing the old snd_entry() code.
* doc/manual.sgml, protos.h, pgp.c, mutt.h, init.h, hook.c:
When sending encrypted messages, it may arrive that Mutt
can't determine the PGP key of the recipient (presumably
because her address has changed, but she hasn't updated
her PGP key yet). In this situation it's convenient to be
able to associate a keyID with an address automatically.
The attached patch is an attempt to implement this idea
using a "pgp-hook". (From: Liviu Daia <>).
* recvattach.c: Removing the old attach_entry() code.
* recvattach.c, protos.h, mutt.h, init.h, globals.h, compose.c:
This patch adds a string variable $attach_format which
controls the look of the compose and attach menus.
Unfortunately, I was not able to make things so that it
would look exactly the same as the hardcoded versions, so
the default format is a bit different, but I think it is
quite usable. (From Michael Elkins <>).
* functions.h, browser.c, OPS:
This patch allows you to view files from the browser
window, useful if you are searching for a file to attach
to your message. It uses the standard mailcap stuff (and
the lookup mime types) to use the correct "viewer" for the
file. (From Brandon Long <>)
* doc/Attic/, doc/,, configure,
Dotlock-related changes: We call it mutt.dotlock to avoid
conflicts with certain NFS versions' dotlocking utilities
(pointed out by Liviu Daia). Additionally, we need to
compile it as an external utility on systems which don't
have an fchdir(2) system call.
Thu Jul 16 16:39:53 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* mx.c: Fixing a small typographic error.
* mx.c: Mutt doesn't retry locking if it doesn't succeed at once.
The code in mx_lock_file is supposed to retry but it
doesn't work because of a mistake in operator precedence.
(From: Petri Kaukasoina <>)
* Attic/dotlock.c:
The dotlock.c file tries to include <posix1_lim.h> if
_POSIX_PATH_MAX isn't defined but it doesn't include
<limits.h>, where this symbol should be defined. (From
* send.c: When several messages are tagged and the user applies
reply, group-reply, or list-reply to these messages, the
reply's references and in-reply-to headers are constructed
from the tagged message which comes last in the current
index. This patch constructs the references header from
_all_ messages' message-id and references headers. (tlr)
* reldate.h,, configure, Changes, ChangeLog:
Preparing mutt 0.94.
* imap.c: "My two remaining issues are the speed at which it
downloads the headers, and support of PREAUTH. I'm
enclosing a patch (to stock mutt-0.92.13i) which addresses
these issues."
(From Brian Marcotte <>)
these issues." (From Brian Marcotte
* color.c: This patch fixes two problems reported on mutt-users.
......@@ -559,7 +559,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-07-16";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-07-22";
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