Commit 796ae395 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Preparing 0.94.7i.

parent 068f0ca3
Fri Sep 18 05:40:24 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* protos.h, init.c, enter.c:
Applying the third generation of command completion patches.
Wed Sep 16 20:08:25 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* curs_lib.c:
Attached is a minor fix to mutt_getch in curs_lib.c - as of 0.93.2i,
if +'metakey' and 'timeout' were both set, mutt_getch was returning
an ESC rather than -1, which resulted in 'key not bound' messages
every 'timeout' seconds. (From: Tim Walberg <>)
* copy.c:
[patch-0.94.6i.oe.dprint2.1] Fix a segmentation fault when running
in -d2 mode.
* keymap.c: Use <fN> for function keys as well as for other special
keys. Additionally, this patch makes it possible to use
all special keys inside a key _sequence_.
* sendlib.c, mutt.h, curs_main.c, compose.c:
Introduce the OPTUSEHEADERDATE pseudo-option to control
mutt_write_rfc822_header()'s behaviour for the purposes of
the edit_message feature.
* init.c: When parsing aliases, don't consider ';' a token
Tue Sep 15 21:41:51 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* init.c: Undoing Vikas' complete patch and applying
patch-0.94.6i.jmy.cycle_complete.1 instead.
* handler.c: _Really_ fix CRLF handling.
* charset.c: Fix the crlf handling.
* pgppubring.c: UTF8-decode PGP user ID packets.
* rfc2047.c, mutt.h, lib.c, handler.c, charset.h, charset.c:
Adding basic UTF-8 support.
* copy.c: When using mutt_copy_header with CH_TXTPLAIN, generate a
content-type _with_ a character set parameter.
* Correcting a typo in the clean target.
* charsets/parse_i18n.c, charsets/gen_charsets, charsets/, handler.c, charset.h, charset.c:
Add charset alias support and fix various errors in the
character set code.
* charset.c: Fix mutt_display_char to map '\0' to itself regardless of
the translation table we use.
* charsets/, charsets/gen_charsets, charsets/parse_i18n.c, Attic/gen-charset.c,, configure, charset.h, charset.c,
Generate the character set tables from i18n files.
* imap.c: Finally fix imap_quote_string().
* compose.c: [] Add M_ARROWCURSOR on the
compose menu.
Mon Sep 14 21:33:34 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap.c: Fix IMAP quoting.
* Speling corection for
* init.c: [patch-0.94.6.vikas.complete.1] Fix a completion-related
buffer overflow.
Sun Sep 13 15:29:54 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* reldate.h,, configure, ChangeLog: Preparing 0.94.6i.
* sendlib.c, rfc2047.c, recvattach.c, hash.h, Attic/gen-charset.c, handler.c,, configure, commands.c, charset.h, charset.c,
This patch adds on-demand loading of character set tables,
changes the default location of $SHAREDIR, and fixes some
compilation problems occuring on machines without PGP
Sun Sep 13 15:27:03 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c, rfc2047.c, recvattach.c, hash.h,
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-09-13";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-09-18";
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