Commit 788b732f authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.9.3

parent 45b15d3d
2018-01-21 18:33:16 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (45b15d3d)
* Fix the ftp site url in the manual.
Also fix the urlview link to point to sigpipe's github account.
M doc/manual.xml.head
2018-01-17 19:19:01 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (ffdda7e6)
* Fix one more dev site reference in the manual.
M doc/manual.xml.head
2018-01-17 18:57:49 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (e9ef2a16)
* Fix a couple memory leaks in pattern.c was not being freed in a couple cases.
The pattern and simple search were not being freed if imap_search()
M pattern.c
2018-01-17 18:05:28 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (f1307ce5)
* Change bug reporting URL to gitlab issues.
M doc/manual.xml.head
M doc/
M main.c
M po/bg.po
M po/ca.po
M po/cs.po
M po/da.po
M po/de.po
M po/el.po
M po/eo.po
M po/es.po
M po/et.po
M po/eu.po
M po/fr.po
M po/ga.po
M po/gl.po
M po/hu.po
M po/id.po
M po/it.po
M po/ja.po
M po/ko.po
M po/lt.po
M po/nl.po
M po/pl.po
M po/pt_BR.po
M po/ru.po
M po/sk.po
M po/sv.po
M po/tr.po
M po/uk.po
M po/zh_CN.po
M po/zh_TW.po
2018-01-17 18:01:31 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (c041535f)
* Pull latest Polish translation from master.
M po/pl.po
2018-01-17 16:21:53 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (32ce9f35)
* Update manual to point to as development site.
M doc/manual.xml.head
2018-01-17 16:16:10 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (eff9dfbf)
* Remove muttbug and flea.
We have pretty much transitioned over to
M .gitignore
M doc/
D doc/
M init.c
D muttbug
2018-01-11 15:08:30 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (667a4710)
* Add missing setup calls when resuming encrypted drafts.
Calls to get the passphrase were missing for app/pgp and app/smime.
App/smime was also missing a call to crypt_smime_getkeys().
If a failure occurs, report it back, rather than just continuing.
Otherwise, postponed messages could be completely lost.
M postpone.c
2018-01-07 12:12:42 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (a37a2c4d)
* Fix imap status count range check.
The strtoul() call for parsing the STATUS count wasn't checking the
range properly, because it was assigning to an unsigned int.
Change to assign to a unsigned long, and also add the conversion check
from mutt_atoui().
Thanks to Charles (@chdiza) for quickly noticing the problem!
M imap/command.c
2018-01-06 15:55:17 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (8fcf8eda)
* Change imap literal counts to parse and store unsigned ints.
IMAP literals are of type number. Change imap_get_literal_count() to
use mutt_atoui() instead of atoi(). Change the return type variables
used to store the count to type unsigned int.
It's doubtful this was a real issue, but as long as we're cleaning up
incorrect atoi() usage, we should fix this too.
M imap/command.c
M imap/imap.c
M imap/imap_private.h
M imap/message.c
M imap/util.c
2018-01-05 20:39:50 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (b8190ef3)
* Fix improper signed int conversion of IMAP uid and msn values.
Several places in the imap code, when parsing "number" and "nz-number"
values from the IMAP data, use atoi() and strtol(). This is
incorrect, and can result in failures when a uid value happens to be
larger than 2^31.
Create a helper function, mutt_atoui() and use that instead. One
place was using strtol() and relying on the endptr parameter, and so
was changed to use strtoul() instead.
Thanks to Paul Saunders for the bug report and original patch, which
this commit is based on.
M imap/command.c
M imap/imap.c
M imap/message.c
M lib.c
M lib.h
2017-12-26 15:09:07 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (363f12a3)
* Update wiki link in manual.
M doc/manual.xml.head
2017-12-18 12:55:20 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (80d06b0c)
* Determine latest tag using git describe.
Commit 8648db83 relies on `sort -V` which is unavailable on some
platforms. Instead just use `git describe` with --abbrev=0 to only
output the tag. We still manually compute the distance to avoid the
problem mentioned in that commit.
Additionally, add Vincent's fix from commit 3b142cea to the stable
2017-12-15 15:31:23 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (8e0d8616)
* automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.9.2
M ChangeLog
2017-12-15 12:09:42 -0800 Kevin McCarthy <> (9eedfd4e)
* Fix s/mime certificate deletion bug. (closes #3982)
......@@ -8,6 +8,10 @@
The keys used are:
!: modified feature, -: deleted feature, +: new feature
1.9.3 (2018-01-27):
! Bug fix release.
1.9.2 (2017-12-15):
! Bug fix release.
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