Commit 6db1a72a authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.3.20

parent c2297c3d
Tue Jul 24 21:26:03 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap/imap.c: Avoid mail loss with IMAP. From Brendan Cully.
* imap/command.c: patch-bac.capability-20010724.1. From Brendan Cully.
* mbox.c:
Add a status message, so "Writing messages" doesn't stay on screen
* imap/imap.c:
The attached patch fixes a couple bugs I introduced recently when
working around the buggy but firmly entrenched UW-IMAP 4.7 server.
These resulted in additional overhead when synchronising mailboxes
and occasional problems opening empty mailboxes.
From: Brendan Cully <>
Thu Jul 19 14:51:14 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* curs_main.c:
Redraw when an alias is created - the user may have assigned a
different realname.
* COPYRIGHT: update
Wed Jul 11 07:19:45 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
Replace by Noted by "Mark E.
Mallett" <>.
Mon Jul 9 20:54:34 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* acconfig.h,,
locale-related fix from Lars Hecking.
Wed Jul 4 07:35:20 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap/util.c: Fix a nit. From "Andrew W. Nosenko" <>
Tue Jul 3 19:32:12 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* m4/iconv.m4,
Iconv-related cleanup. From Brendan Cully.
* init.c, muttlib.c, protos.h:
Unified buffer handling, from Brendan Cully.
* pgppubring.c: Don't sign-extend chars.
* pgp.c: Fixing a PGP signature reporting bug; adding debugging output.
* mutt_socket.c: Don't fcntl -1. From Brendan.
* imap/imap.c, imap/imap_private.h, imap/message.c, muttlib.c, protos.h:
Fix #677. From Brendan Cully.
Mon Jul 2 20:28:32 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* query.c: Fix a minor nit with the external query interface.
* doc/manual.sgml.head: documentation from Brendan Cully.
Fri Jun 29 10:06:16 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap/imap.c, hook.c, init.h, mutt.h, mutt_socket.c, protos.h:
Thu Jun 28 20:34:05 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* query.c: Query patch from Olivier Chapuis <>.
Wed Jun 27 16:08:06 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* po/ru.po: update.
* init.h, mutt.h, mx.c:
Tue Jun 26 10:26:54 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* pgppubring.c: fixes.
* pgplib.h, pgppubring.c: Fix handling of revocation certificates.
* pgppubring.c: Also dump revocations.
* pgplib.c, pgplib.h, pgppubring.c:
Add a very simple signature-dumping mode to pgpring. (Not needed
for mutt.)
Tue Jun 19 08:39:17 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* po/ja.po: update
* imap/imap.c, imap/message.c:
IMAP error checking for bug #662. From Brendan Cully.
Mon Jun 18 17:29:55 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* po/Attic/zh_CN.GB2312.po, po/Attic/zh_TW.Big5.po, po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po,
Renaming the Chinese translations.
* po/eo.po: update
* globals.h, init.h, mutt.h, pop_auth.c, pop.h:
The attached patch adds two variables: $pop_authenticators and
From Vsevolod Volkov.
Thu Jun 14 13:29:06 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* po/pl.po: update
Wed Jun 13 08:29:16 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* m4/gettext.m4, m4/glibc21.m4: Avoid more m4 macro collisions.
* imap/auth_sasl.c, mutt_sasl.c, mutt_sasl.h, pop_auth.c:
An updated version of the previous patch. From Brendan.
* pop_auth.c:
This patch closes a ridiculous bug where the SASL library could be
used without being initialised. I don't understand why lots of people
weren't having problems, unless no one who uses SASL uses POP :)
closes 549
From Brendan Cully.
* po/cs.po: update
Tue Jun 12 12:45:29 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* m4/gettext.m4, m4/progtest.m4,
gettext-related fixes. Most of this may just be temporary if we
decide to get rid of our own gettext.m4.
* m4/gettext.m4: Fix comments.
* po/tr.po: update
Mon Jun 11 18:32:05 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap/auth.c, imap/imap.c, doc/manual.sgml.head:
* po/es.po, po/da.po: update.
* doc/manual.sgml.head: Updates from Byrial Jensen.
* keymap.c: command/function cosmetics from Byrial Jensen.
* po/de.po, po/et.po, po/sv.po: update.
* doc/, doc/, init.c, init.h:
Use the EMAIL environment variable as the default for $from.
* po/eo.po, po/el.po: update.
Thu Jun 7 23:15:53 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* po/fr.po, po/id.po: updates for 1.3.19.
* po/Attic/zh_TW.Big5.po: A fixed version from EGE.
* build-release: Don't try to upload to any more.
* po/Attic/zh_CN.GB2312.po, po/Attic/zh_TW.Big5.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/ru.po, po/sk.po, po/sv.po, po/ja.po, po/ko.po, po/lt.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/hu.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/fr.po, po/gl.po, po/es.po, po/et.po, po/el.po, po/eo.po, po/cs.po, po/da.po, po/de.po, reldate.h, VERSION, ChangeLog:
automatic post-release commit for mutt-1.3.19
* Don't check in intl/
* m4/codeset.m4, m4/glibc21.m4, m4/iconv.m4:
More from the gettext munster patch from E.G.E.
* po/Attic/zh_TW.Big5.po, m4/gettext.m4, m4/lcmessage.m4, m4/progtest.m4:
Gettext update. (From E.G.E., of course.)
* intl/bindtextdom.c, intl/cat-compat.c, intl/config.charset, intl/dcgettext.c, intl/dcigettext.c, intl/dcngettext.c, intl/dgettext.c, intl/dngettext.c, intl/explodename.c, intl/finddomain.c, intl/gettext.c, intl/gettext.h, intl/gettextP.h, intl/hash-string.h, intl/intl-compat.c, intl/l10nflist.c, intl/libgettext.h, intl/libgnuintl.h, intl/libintl.glibc, intl/linux-msg.sed, intl/loadinfo.h, intl/loadmsgcat.c, intl/localcharset.c, intl/locale.alias, intl/localealias.c, intl/, intl/ngettext.c, intl/plural.c, intl/plural.y, intl/, intl/ref-add.sin, intl/ref-del.sin, intl/textdomain.c, intl/VERSION, intl/xopen-msg.sed, intl/ChangeLog, intl/.cvsignore, acconfig.h,, gettext.c, lib.h,, mbyte.c:
Gettext update.
* po/ru.po: update.
* ALL_LINGUAS. I forgot to do this earlier today.
* NEWS: Documentation update from Brendan Cully.
Thu Jun 7 20:09:54 2001 Thomas Roessler <>
* Don't check in intl/
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const char *ReleaseDate = "2001-06-07";
const char *ReleaseDate = "2001-07-24";
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