Commit 65068235 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Add subjectrx section to the muttrc man page.

parent 27758af2
......@@ -428,6 +428,27 @@ These commands define spam-detection patterns from external spam
filters, so that mutt can sort, limit, and search on
``spam tags'' or ``spam attributes'', or display them
in the index. See the Mutt manual for details.
\fBsubjectrx\fP \fIpattern\fP \fIreplacement\fP
\fBunsubjectrx\fP [ \fB*\fP | \fIpattern\fP ]
\fBsubjectrx\fP specifies a regular expression \fIpattern\fP which, if
detected in a message subject, causes the subject to be replaced with
the \fIreplacement\fP value. The \fIreplacement\fP is subject to
substitutions in the same way as for the \fBspam\fP command: %L for
the text to the left of the match, %R for text to the right of the
match, and %1 for the first subgroup in the match (etc). If you simply
want to erase the match, set it to \(lq%L%R\(rq. Any number of
\fBsubjectrx\fP commands may coexist.
Note this well: the \fIreplacement\fP value replaces the entire
subject, not just the match!
\fBunsubjectrx\fP removes a given \fBsubjectrx\fP from the
substitution list. If \fB*\fP is used as the pattern, all
substitutions will be removed.
\fBunhook\fP [\fB * \fP | \fIhook-type\fP ]
This command will remove all hooks of a given type, or all hooks
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