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Thu Aug 13 17:43:51 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
Mon Aug 24 09:24:28 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml: Documenting $hidden_host.
* thread.c, curs_main.c: Fix "previous-subthread"
in reverse-threads mode, allow next-(sub)thread
and previous-(sub)thread to work in limited mode.
(From: Liviu Daia)
Sun Aug 23 10:05:41 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c, send.c, protos.h, mutt.h, main.c,
init.h, init.c,, configure,, alias.c, acconfig.h, INSTALL:
[patch-0.94.3i.tlr.hidden_host.1] Replace the
--enable-hidden-host configure switch by a
configuration variable $hidden_host which can be
changed at run-time. This variable will _not_
affect the generation of message-IDs since we'll
get into uniqueness problems if we just use the
domain here.
Needs to be documented.
* doc/manual.txt: Committing the latest manual
* Attic/socket.c, imap.c:
[] Fixing the
buffered read stuff.
* Attic/mutt_socket.h: Ups, this one was missing
from Brandon's IMAP patch.
Sat Aug 22 14:24:18 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* help.c: []
General help beautification. From Gero Treuner.
* doc/manual.sgml, keymap.h, keymap.c, help.c, []
Introduce macro descriptions.
* doc/manual.sgml, init.h, init.c, browser.c: Add
a negation operator "!" to $mask's syntax (as in
the *-hooks). From Liviu.
* recvattach.c: Make Vikas' attach_split and
Brandon's other_type patches fit together.
* recvattach.c, mutt.h, init.h, globals.h,
compose.c: [patch-0.94.3.vikas.attach_split.3]
Re-introduce attach_split.
* Attic/socket.c: []
Adding Brandon's IMAP buffy support.
* mx.c, mutt.h, mailbox.h, imap.h, imap.c,
curs_lib.c,, configure, buffy.c,
browser.c, Attic/BUGS:
[] Adding Brandon's
IMAP buffy support.
Fri Aug 21 08:17:09 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* browser.c: Enter the file browser, type a mask
which doesn't match any file in the current
directory, clean the mask. Segfault. Fix from
Liviu Daia.
Thu Aug 20 22:32:46 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* sendlib.c, recvattach.c, parse.c, mutt.h,
mime.h, lib.c, handler.c, globals.h, compose.c,
commands.c, attach.c, Attic/BUGS:
[] This patch adds
support for the model MIME type. Additionally,
along the lines of "strict in what you generate,
accepting in what you receive", this patch will
keep the name of major mime types it doesn't
recognize (instead of using x-unknown).
* compose.c, Attic/BUGS:
[patch-0.94.3i.jmy.attachmessage-fix.1] This patch
fixes a bug in the allocation of space for new
pointers to the attachments, it would make mutt
seg-fault when attaching 5 or more messages at the
same time. (From: Jimmy Mäkelä
* handler.c: [SECURITY] mutt_sanitize_filename()
should be called when creating temporary files for
autoview. (From: Liviu Daia.)
* sendlib.c, send.c, attach.c: Try this: set
$mime_forward, forward a PGP-encrypted message,
then in the "compose" menu try to view the
forwarded message. If you didn't enter a
passphrase before, Mutt won't ask for it either.
(From: Liviu Daia)
* sendlib.c, attach.c: When you forward a message
with $mime_forward set, or when you attach a
message with the "attach-message" command from the
"compose" menu, there is a memory leak. The real
reason for this leak is that multipart attachments
are not supported in the "compose" menu, so you
need to go through quite a few contortions in
order to handle message/rfc822 attachments.
Consequently, the patch below is just an ugly
hack. (From: Liviu Daia)
Sun Aug 16 06:22:51 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* rfc822.c: Bringing 128-byte strings to "STRING".
* sendlib.c: Use add_option, not add_arg, for
strings such as "--".
* sendlib.c: Pass an "--" argument to sendmail
before the address arguments, so addresses with a
leading dash don't lead to problems. (From Liviu.)
* sendlib.c, rfc822.c, rfc1524.c, parse.c, mx.c,
main.c, lib.c, keymap.c, hash.c, handler.c,
edit.c, curs_lib.c, alias.c: Replacing a bunch of
free() and malloc() calls by safe_free() and
safe_malloc(). (From Liviu.)
Sat Aug 15 18:27:45 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* imap.c: read() can't read buffers larger than
* hook.c: [patch-0.94.3i.tlr.empty_hook.1] Ignore
empty hooks instead of segfaulting.
* protos.h, init.c, Attic/history.h:
[patch-0.94.3i.tlr.history.1] Adding history class
* Attic/history.c: [patch-0.94.3i.tlr.history.1]
Adding history class support.
* enter.c, TODO,
[patch-0.94.3i.tlr.history.1] Adding history class
* sendlib.c:
[patch-0.94.3i.tlr.attach_msg_fmt.1-2] When
generating a message/rfc822 type attachment, parse
its header so that the attachment format routines
can properly display the default description.
* init.h: Change attach_format's default to limit
the attachment description's length.
Thu Aug 13 22:09:16 1998 Thomas Roessler <>
* pgppubring.c: Fixing another memory leak in the
pubring parser.
* recvattach.c, Attic/BUGS:
[patch-0.94.3i.tlr.attach_msg_fmt.1] When parsing
the "%d" format option in the attachment format,
use the message format as a fall-back if no
explicit description is provided. This fixes the
following bug:
set mime_forward. Forward any mesage. The
compose menu will show the description as
"Forwarded message from ...." which is fine.
Pressing 'd' to edit the description brings up
the above string for editing.
Now hit Enter on the message/rfc822 attachment
to view it. Quit out of the pager.
The description field has now changed to the
Subject: of the forwarded message. Pressing 'd'
still brings up the 'Forwarded message from....'
(Noted by Vikas.)
* doc/manual.txt, doc/manual.sgml, sendlib.c,
mutt.h, init.h: [patch-0.94.3i.tlr.write_bcc.1]
This patch adds an option $write_bcc which
controls whether the Bcc header is written out or
not. This can be used to work around broken MTA's
(Exim seems to leave Bcc headers in).
The problem was noted independently by Peter
Radcliffe <> and by Dave Holland
<> (Debian Bug #25687).
* pgppubring.c: [patch-0.94.3i.tlr.pubring_leak.1]
Fixing a memory leak. Bug noted by Liviu Daia.
* reldate.h: 0.94.3i.
*, configure, ChangeLog: Preparing
* compose.c: indentation cosmetics.
......@@ -557,7 +557,7 @@ fi
dnl Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-08-13";
const char *ReleaseDate = "1998-08-24";
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