Commit 4ca15037 authored by Brendan Cully's avatar Brendan Cully

# changelog commit

parent be640e06
2005-09-17 19:15:59 Brendan Cully <> (brendan)
* po/zh_CN.po, po/zh_TW.po, po/tr.po, po/uk.po, po/sk.po,
po/sv.po, po/ru.po, po/pt_BR.po, po/nl.po, po/pl.po, po/ko.po,
po/lt.po, po/ja.po, po/id.po, po/it.po, po/ga.po, po/gl.po,
po/hu.po, po/et.po, po/fr.po, po/eo.po, po/es.po, po/de.po,
po/el.po, po/da.po, imap/imap.h, imap/imap_private.h,
imap/message.c, imap/message.h, imap/utf7.c, imap/util.c,
intl/COPYING.LIB-2, intl/, intl/bindtextdom.c,
intl/config.charset, intl/dcgettext.c, intl/dcigettext.c,
intl/dcngettext.c, intl/dgettext.c, intl/dngettext.c,
intl/explodename.c, intl/finddomain.c, intl/gettext.c,
intl/gettext.h, intl/gettextP.h, intl/hash-string.h,
intl/intl-compat.c, intl/l10nflist.c, intl/libgettext.h,
intl/libgnuintl.h, intl/libintl.glibc, intl/loadinfo.h,
intl/loadmsgcat.c, intl/localcharset.c, intl/locale.alias,
intl/localealias.c, intl/ngettext.c, intl/plural.c, intl/plural.y,
intl/ref-add.sin, intl/ref-del.sin, intl/textdomain.c, po/bg.po,
po/ca.po, po/cs.po, doc/, doc/manual.xml.head,
doc/, doc/, doc/, imap/auth.c,
imap/auth.h, imap/auth_anon.c, imap/auth_cram.c, imap/auth_gss.c,
imap/auth_login.c, imap/auth_sasl.c, imap/browse.c,
imap/command.c, imap/imap.c, rfc2047.h, rfc2231.c, rfc2231.h,
rfc822.c, rfc822.h, score.c, send.c, sendlib.c, signal.c, smime.c,
smime.h,, sort.c, sort.h, status.c, system.c,
thread.c, url.c, query.c, recvattach.c, recvcmd.c, regex.c,
remailer.c, remailer.h, resize.c, rfc1524.c, rfc1524.h, rfc2047.c,
pager.h, parse.c, pattern.c, pgp.c, pgp.h, pgpinvoke.c, pgpkey.c,
pgplib.c, pgplib.h, pgpmicalg.c, pgppacket.c, pgppacket.h,
pgppubring.c, pop.c, pop.h, pop_auth.c, pop_lib.c, postpone.c,
protos.h, mbyte.c, menu.c, mh.c, mime.h, missing, mutt.h,
mutt_crypt.h, mutt_curses.h, mutt_idna.c, mutt_idna.h,
mutt_menu.h, mutt_regex.h, mutt_sasl.c, mutt_sasl.h,
mutt_socket.c, mutt_socket.h, mutt_ssl.c, mutt_ssl.h,
mutt_ssl_gnutls.c, mutt_tunnel.c, mutt_tunnel.h,,
muttlib.c, mx.c, mx.h, pager.c, extlib.c, filter.c, flags.c,
from.c, functions.h, globals.h, gnupgparse.c, handler.c, hash.c,
hash.h, hcache.c, hdrline.c, headers.c, help.c, history.c,
history.h, hook.c, init.c, init.h, keymap.c, keymap.h, lib.c,
lib.h, mailbox.h, main.c, makedoc.c, mapping.h, mbox.c, dotlock.h,
edit.c, editmsg.c, enter.c, copy.h, crypt-gpgme.c, crypt-gpgme.h,
crypt-mod-pgp-classic.c, crypt-mod-pgp-gpgme.c,
crypt-mod-smime-classic.c, crypt-mod-smime-gpgme.c, crypt-mod.c,
crypt-mod.h, crypt.c, cryptglue.c, curs_lib.c, curs_main.c,
date.c, depcomp, dotlock.c, COPYRIGHT, GPL, _regex.h, account.c,
account.h, addrbook.c, alias.c, ascii.c, ascii.h, attach.c,
attach.h, base64.c, browser.c, browser.h, buffy.c, buffy.h,
charset.c, charset.h, color.c, commands.c, complete.c, compose.c,
config.guess, config.sub, copy.c: Update FSF address (via sed, I
hope nothing got mangled). Closes: #2071.
2005-09-17 17:39:18 Alain Bench <> (brendan)
* Clean up some Muttrc macros, and add macro 'y'
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