Commit 491856cb authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Fix a strtok NULL pointer problem.

parent 458307e7
......@@ -718,15 +718,17 @@ BODY *pgp_make_key_attachment (char *tempf)
static LIST *pgp_add_string_to_hints (LIST *hints, const char *str)
char *scratch = safe_strdup (str);
char *scratch;
char *t;
t = strtok (scratch, " ,.:\"()<>\n");
while (t)
if ((scratch = safe_strdup (str)) == NULL)
return hints;
for (t = strtok (scratch, " ,.:\"()<>\n"); t;
t = strtok (NULL, " ,.:\"()<>\n"))
if (strlen (t) > 3)
hints = mutt_add_list (hints, t);
t = strtok (NULL, " ,.:\"()<>\n");
safe_free ((void **) &scratch);
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