Commit 41b58651 authored by Thomas Roessler's avatar Thomas Roessler

Document the --without-wc-funcs switch to configure, and clean up

the code to set the character set from nl_langinfo from EGE.
parent f9cf6f55
......@@ -138,6 +138,19 @@ to ``configure'' to help it out, or change the default behavior:
of the environment variables LANG, LC_ALL or LC_CTYPE is set,
and will revert to the ISO-8859-* range if they aren't.
by default Mutt uses the functions mbrtowc(), wctomb() and
wcwidth() provided by the system, when they are available.
With this option Mutt will use its own version of those
functions, which should work with 8-bit display charsets, UTF-8,
euc-jp or shift_jis, even if the system doesn't normally support
those multibyte charsets.
If you find Mutt is displaying non-ascii characters as octal
escape sequences (e.g. \243), even though you have set LANG and
LC_CTYPE correctly, then you might find you can solve the problem
with either or both of --enable-locales-fix and --without-wc-funcs.
on some versions of unix, /bin/sh has a bug that makes using emacs
with mutt very difficult. If you have the problem that whenever
......@@ -204,6 +204,13 @@ void mutt_set_langinfo_charset (void)
Charset = safe_strdup ("iso-8859-1");
void mutt_set_langinfo_charset (void)
Charset = safe_strdup ("iso-8859-1");
void mutt_canonical_charset (char *dest, size_t dlen, const char *name)
......@@ -32,8 +32,6 @@ FGETCONV *fgetconv_open (FILE *, const char *, const char *);
int fgetconv (FGETCONV *);
void fgetconv_close (FGETCONV *);
void mutt_set_langinfo_charset (void);
#endif /* _CHARSET_H */
......@@ -1809,12 +1809,7 @@ void mutt_init (int skip_sys_rc, LIST *commands)
FREE (&;
mutt_set_langinfo_charset ();
Charset = safe_strdup ("iso-8859-1");
mutt_set_charset (Charset);
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