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Add note about libidn2 v2.0.0 or greater to UPDATING file.

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......@@ -35,7 +35,8 @@ The keys used are:
then hit ^R.
+ The $abort_noattach quadoption controls whether to abort sending a
message that matches $abort_noattach_regexp and has no attachments.
+ Mutt can now be configured --with-idn2.
+ Mutt can now be configured --with-idn2. This requires the libidn1
compatibility layer present in libidn2 v2.0.0 or greater.
+ Unsetting $browser_abbreviate_mailboxes turns off '=' and '~'
shortcuts for mailbox names in the browser mailbox list.
! $sort_browser now has 'count' and 'unread' options.
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