Commit 17c061d0 authored by Andrew W. Nosenko's avatar Andrew W. Nosenko

Fix tlr's pre-processor screw-up.

parent 246a9108
......@@ -225,14 +225,12 @@ void mutt_env_to_local (ENVELOPE *e)
mutt_addrlist_to_local (e->mail_followup_to);
* XXX -- this macro produces warnings, but yields the right kind
* of code when preprocessed. How to fix this *without* typing the same
* code all over the place?
/* Note that `a' in the `env->a' expression is macro argument, not
* "real" name of an `env' compound member. Real name will be substituted
* by preprocessor at the macro-expansion time.
#define H_TO_IDNA(a) \
if (mutt_addrlist_to_idna (env->##a, err) && !e) \
if (mutt_addrlist_to_idna (env->a, err) && !e) \
{ \
if (tag) *tag = #a; e = 1; err = NULL; \
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