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The keys used are:
!: modified feature, -: deleted feature, +: new feature
1.10.0 (2018-05-19):
! $reply_self is now respected for group-reply, even with $metoo unset.
! Enabled $imap_poll_timeout when $imap_idle is set.
! Added %R (number of read messages) expando for $status_format.
+ When $change_folder_next is set, the <change-folder> function
mailbox suggestion will start at the next folder in your
"mailboxes" list, instead of starting at the first folder in the
+ $new_mail_command specifies a command to run after a new message is
+ $pgp_default_key specifies the default key-pair to use for PGP
operations. It will be used for both encryption and signing
(unless $pgp_sign_as is set). See contrib/gpg.rc.
! $smime_default_key now specifies the default key-pair to use for
both encryption and signing S/MIME operations. See
+ $smime_sign_as can be used to specify a sign-only key-pair for
S/MIME operations.
- $pgp_self_encrypt_as is now deprecated, and is an alias for
$pgp_default_key. $smime_self_encrypt_as is also deprecated, and
is an alias for $smime_default_key.
+ The <history-search> function (default: ^R) will search history based
on the text currently typed in. That is, type the search string first,
then hit ^R.
+ The $abort_noattach quadoption controls whether to abort sending a
message that matches $abort_noattach_regexp and has no attachments.
+ Mutt can now be configured --with-idn2.
+ Unsetting $browser_abbreviate_mailboxes turns off '=' and '~'
shortcuts for mailbox names in the browser mailbox list.
! $sort_browser now has 'count' and 'unread' options.
+ <error-history> will display the last $error_history count of
error/informational messages generated.
+ The ~M pattern matches content-type headers. Note that this
pattern may be slow because it reads each message in.
+ The "echo" command can be used to display a message, for instance
when running a macro or sourcing a file.
1.9.5 (2018-04-14):
! Bug fix release.
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