Commit 099f4dd4 authored by Kevin J. McCarthy's avatar Kevin J. McCarthy

Void passphrase on s/mime decryption error.

Model this after pgp's pgp_decrypt_part(), which checks if fpout is
parent ac7e2890
......@@ -1930,6 +1930,17 @@ static BODY *smime_handle_entity (BODY *m, STATE *s, FILE *outFile)
fflush (smimeout);
rewind (smimeout);
if (type & ENCRYPT)
/* void the passphrase, even if that wasn't the problem */
if (fgetc (smimeout) == EOF)
mutt_error _("Decryption failed");
smime_void_passphrase ();
rewind (smimeout);
if (outFile) fpout = outFile;
......@@ -1955,7 +1966,6 @@ static BODY *smime_handle_entity (BODY *m, STATE *s, FILE *outFile)
fflush (fpout);
rewind (fpout);
if ((p = mutt_read_mime_header (fpout, 0)) != NULL)
fstat (fileno (fpout), &info);
......@@ -1972,6 +1982,7 @@ static BODY *smime_handle_entity (BODY *m, STATE *s, FILE *outFile)
safe_fclose (&smimeout);
smimeout = NULL;
mutt_unlink (outfile);
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