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    This is the sequel to the crypto modularization changes I did on · e48dd50a
    Moritz Schulte authored
    2003-01-21.  Moritz added another abstraction layer which cleans up
    the code and allows the crypto modules to use their own option menu.
    Everything should work as it used to but is now in a really good
    shape for part III, the Return of the GnuPG Easy Makers. -wk
    * crypt-mod-pgp-classic.c, crypt-mod-smime-classic.c, crypt-mod.c,
    crypt-mod.h: New files.
    * smime.c (smime_valid_passphrase, smime_send_menu): New functions.
    * smime.h: Removed macro: smime_valid_passphrase.
    Declared: smime_valid_passphrase, smime_send_menu.
    * pgp.c: Include "mutt_menu.h".
    (pgp_valid_passphrase, pgp_send_menu): New functions.
    * pgp.h: Removed macro: pgp_valid_passphrase.
    Declared: pgp_valid_passphrase, pgp_send_menu.
    * mutt_curses.h: Declare: mutt_need_hard_redraw.
    * mutt_crypt.h: Declare: crypt_pgp_valid_passphrase,
    crypt_pgp_send_menu, crypt_smime_valid_passphrase,
    crypt_smime_send_menu, crypt_init.
    Adjust WithCrypto definition since the GPGME backend does not
    exclude anymore the other `classic' backends.
    (KEYFLAG_ISX509): New symbol.
    * mutt.h (enum): New symbol: OPTCRYPTUSEGPGME.
    (struct body): New member: is_signed_data, warnsig.
    * main.c (main): Call crypt_init.
    * keymap.c (km_get_table): Support for MENU_KEY_SELECT_PGP and
    (Menus): Added entries fuer MENU_KEY_SELECT_PGP and
    (km_init): Create bindings for MENU_KEY_SELECT_PGP and
    * keymap.h (enum): New enum symbols: MENU_KEY_SELECT_PGP,
    * init.h: New configuration variable: crypt_use_gpgme.
    * compose.c (pgp_send_menu, smime_send_menu): Removed functions,
    they are now contained in the crypto backend modules.
    (mutt_compose_menu): Use crypt_pgp_send_menu and
    crypt_smime_send_menu instead pgp_send_menu and smime_send_menu.
    * cryptglue.c: Slightly rewritten in order to make use of the
    module mechanism used to access crypto backends.
    * curs_lib.c (mutt_need_hard_redraw): New function.
    * crypt.c (crypt_forget_passphrase): Adjust for new crypto backend
    (crypt_valid_passphrase): Stripped, use calls to
    crypt_pgp_valid_passphrase and crypt_smime_valid_passphrase.
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